Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Before Credit Card Gas Pumps - 1951

From Popular mechanics Magazine April 1951

I trust you picked up on the relationship of quarters and gallons of gas. Gas was about 20 to 25 cents a gallon in 1951.  What is also unique is, it is in New Jersey which I don't think allow self service gas pumps today.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Things That Upset A Librarian

I have just watched an episode of 60 minutes in which they tour the Vatican Library.  60 Minutes' Morley Safer and Vatican library curator Timothy Janz wandered around picking up books, bibles manuscripts all with their BARE hands!!  I could not believe it, in all the archives and libraries in our area if you handle something that is over 75 years old or fragile you have to wear cotton gloves so the dirt and oil on your hands does not get on the paper you are handling and here they are just thumbing thru thousand year old documents bare handed.  In most area archives if you were caught without gloves on handling books etc., besides being ejected from the building, you would have your fingers cut off.

Sunday Trivia

Exmore, Va.
In the 1880's the Pennsylvania and Norfolk railroad built additional train stations from Delmar to Cape Charles.  The 10th station built, after you left Delmar, was in an area that had no name so the employee gave it the name X-more (X as in ten).  By 1884 the area had a post office and the name was officially Exmore.

Zerone Ad 1956

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dog licenses 2015 Sussex County DE

Sussex County 2015 dog licenses on sale

Georgetown, Del., Dec. 16, 2014: Sussex County is keeping a tight leash on animal control costs, with fees for annual dog licenses – now on sale for 2015 – remaining unchanged for the new year.

Sussex County dog owners have until March 1, 2015, to obtain up-to-date licenses for dogs 6 months or older. For spayed and neutered dogs, the annual cost is $10; for non-spayed and unneutered dogs, the cost is $15 yearly. Fees collected through dog licenses help to support animal control services provided by the County and mandated by Delaware law.

Dogs must be current on their rabies vaccinations at the time the license is obtained. Fees will be waived for seeing-eye, lead or guide dogs and those that have previously served in a branch of the U.S. military.

Licenses are available in one-, two- and three-year increments, and are valid through Dec. 31 of the expiration year. Owners who fail to comply with the County’s licensing requirements face an initial $50 fine, with a maximum fine of $100 for repeat offenses within a 12-month period.

 Applications can be made online or in person. Visit www.sussexcountyde.gov and click on the “Dog Licensing” link on the bottom left side of the main page, or stop by the County Administrative Offices building, 2 The Circle, in Georgetown, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For questions about dog control services and licensing requirements, call (302) 855-7380.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Cat House For The Winter

This project has worked out well with little effort on my part.  I took a Styrofoam cooler taped the lid on and cut an entrance hole in for my outside cats.  They seem to like it. 
I noticed at apartment complexes the residents often receive meat or seafood in styrofoam coolers or shipping containers.  So I dug this out of a dumpster and washed it out, put a paver on top so it wouldn't blow away and the cat is set for the winter.

The Vapeit Shop

Looks like a new shop in the old Stainglass Bridal shop building on Bi-State blvd.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Route 54 Bargain Outlet

A new store opened in the downtown section of Delmar.  Route 54 Bargain outlet, a second hand store, located at 5 East State Street.  This building has housed a number of businesses in the past from Culver Men's Store to the Bi-State Pharmacy.
In talking to one of the owners he said they would be open 7 days a week from 9 to 6, slightly reduced hours on Sunday.
He said they buy storage units and they pick items from the units to sell here.

Prices are reasonable with a wide range of items

Thursday, December 18, 2014

That Last Minute Gift

Tony Russo will be at the 3rd Wave in Delmar (North Bi-State Blvd) this Sunday from 1 to 3 p. m. for a book signing of his book "Eastern Shore Beer".  Good time to pick up his book as a gift for that person you have no ideal what to get and Tony will personalize his book signing to fit your wishes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Downtown Delmar December 2014

The downtown area is looking the best it has been in years thanks to the people at the Peddlers Four
I am so glad someone finally cut the knockout rose bush back It was covering the side of the caboose.

Ribbons on the lamp posts

I think, with exception of the Chris Mills Building, all the buildings have some Christmas trimming
Yes the downtown area of the 23rd largest town in Delaware is looking good

Food Bank Workers at the American Legion

A week or so back I took this photo of people working on the food bank at the American legion

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Getting In The Christmas Mood - Some Wednesday Comments

Among the disappointments young people will never know is the decline of any kind of personal customer service in retail stores.  A few days ago I was in Boscov buying some things and after I gave my credit card to the young man (relative to my age) he used my last name from my credit card in our additional conversation so I said “let me guess you worked at Hecht company”  and sure enough that is where he had worked.  It was something Hecht employees did – looking at your credit card and after that using your name.  A nice personal touch.  When it changed to Macy’s it was a come down not that Hecht Company didn’t have it short comings but Macy’s is worst.   There was also a time when you purchased a gift card the card was placed in an envelope and the envelope was wrapped in tissue and placed in a small glove box – yes - at one time when you purchased gloves they were put in their own box. 
Speaking of boxes, this year I have found one box of acceptable Christmas cards that were made in America. Cards are generally in low supply – no doubt due to the internet and cell phones – hell if you are sending a text telling everyone in the world every time you go to take a piss why send a Christmas card and tell people how your year has been. 

Harbor Freight is open in Salisbury and you can tell from the pickup trucks in the parking lot it is a toy store for men.  Most of the stuff is non-USA  made but most of the stuff in Lowes and Home Depot is non-USA made - might as well shop at Harbor freight.
Delmar Trash and USA trash – no not the kind you pick up at the curbside side I am talking about the trash that is “protesting” a lawful court decision in Ferguson, Missouri. Reminds you of the first O J Simpson trial in which he was not guilty and all the white people went on a rampage looting stores across America – Oh that’s right that didn’t happen – respectable people stood by the court decision regardless rather they thought it was right or not – unlike the trash in Ferguson and other parts of the county.   The man stole from a store he was  a crook.  The Federal government is getting into it to try and prove the police officer was wrong – the same government that tortures detainees suddenly has a problem with killing a crook.

Should you think Darren Wilson is getting a raw deal out of this contribute to his defense fund
Checks should be made out to: Shield of Hope
Please mail to:
FOP Lodge 15
9620 Lackland Road,
Overland, MO 63114
Attn: Shield of Hope
Any questions can be directed to (314) 423-8003

Speaking of trash I see we have a young man from Delmar Maryland arrested for kidnapping, false imprisonment and human trafficking,  just adds to the reputation of Delmar.   
I understand the gang of teenagers that attacked an 83 year old man in Salisbury are Black.  If they were white it would be called a hate crime by our government but you don’t see that being talked about.
Yes it is getting closer to Christmas so things should only get worst.

For those who may have a history inclination below is some on-line newspapers links you may find interesting to search for your relatives or a local subject.   Remember newspapers back in the 1800’s picked up stories from other newspapers so it is not unusual to find a story about Delmar Delaware in a California newspaper.

First; is newspapers on line at the Nabb research center at Salisbury university  - local newspapers from 1745 to 1922.

click on search “the historical eastern shore newspaper” link.  Then type in a name or place or subject in the search block  

Second; is Chronicling America Library of congress nationwide newspapers from 1836 to 1922

again enter name or subject matter or place or etc in the search block. 

Third; Google newspapers archive

again enter the name or place or etc  you are looking for in the search block
Fourth; Elephind  this is a search engine that checks most all on line newspaper archives.  The down side is international so remember to select the United States filter on the left side.

Fifth; there is the Free Newspaper Archives that has links to a number of archived newspapers

Using free Newspaper archives I am currently looking at Star and stripe newspapers from 1918 to 1919 under the special collections quite interesting.




Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The 2014 Delmar C of C Christmas Parade

After a rain postponement, on Sunday the Delmar Christmas Parade came off.  About a half hour long but had all the elements of an Eastern shore Parade; elected officials, youth groups, cars, tractors, fire trucks, animals, marching band and Santa Claus.
Here are the Trophy Winners
Judges Award
Peddlers 4
Frances Crouch
Delmar Youth Basketball

Fire Department

Floats St Stevens United Methodist.
Cub Scouts Troop 827
Girl Scouts Troop 710

School Band
Delmar High School Band

Marching Unit

Most Unique
Mitchells Martial Arts

Best Vehicle
R Smith Farms
Buster Davis

and here is some of the parade;
Lead by the Delmar PD
Delmar Citizen of the Year
Elected Delmar Officials
More Delmar elected officials, Doing the "Driving Miss Daisy" thing is Jerome Reid Director of Public Works.
The "Peddlers Four" float and their store window downtown looks great also. 


Frances Crouch


Yes It is him!!!!
and finally wrapping up the end of the parade is the Delmar PD

as usual click on any photo to see a larger version of it.