Saturday, January 18, 2014

Delmar Business Changes

They come they go.  Currently out at State Line Plaza the Thrift Shop has left, to be replaced by Delmar Duds, also Edward Jones Investments is coming

Sportsman Liquidation is closing up.  State Line Plaza always seems to have a big turnover in their stores.  I think when you look at it however it may follow the 80/20 rule of 80% of the businesses stay there for over 3 years and 20% of the business only last about 6 months and move on.

I noticed Aforetime used furnitures and stuff has moved out of the old pharmacy building downtown.

Altho not a Delmar Business, Powell Service (Plumbing) installed the plumbing on this house when it was built 3 years ago.  In the first year I had a frostfree outside spigot start leaking and had to have them back in to replace it.  They charged me for it.  Today while walking around the house I found another one leaking. I have never had a frostfree go bad before these were installed.   I will not be calling them back to replace it.   The frostfrees are those washerless kind made by Legend from Taiwan model NSF81-9  T -550.  Beware of them


Ray said...

Need to call and talk to the owner, maybe he's hired some poor help? They have done a great job for me this past year.

cs21801 said...

I've only been into Sportsman's Liquidation once and it was a joke. The staff was pretty rude. I went in looking for a gas can (any size, 1gal, 2 1/2 gal, 5 gal) to save a trip to Lowe's in Salisbury and to give a Delmar store some business. They laughed at me for asking.

I had been considering purchasing a gun, and thought when they moved in, great somewhere right in Delmar where I could perhaps buy it from, or at least they ammo. And nope, they don't sell either, not even shotguns.