Wednesday, March 19, 2014

90th Entrance-Level Jail and Correctional Officers Graduation

As you may know from reading this blog I have one daughter who works for the Ocean City police department.  Part of her job is booking and controlling the holding cells at Ocean City.  Since it has some aspects of a Correctional Officer duties, Ocean City sent her and two other employees to the Correctional Officer class at Wor-Wic community College.  (Remember when Wor-Wic billed itself as "the college without walls" meaning they did not have a campus with buildings - just rented spots around town to hold class in, now of course it is a self-serving empire-building bureaucracy.) Today was graduation so I attended.  As is par for the way this week has gone my main camera decided to self destruct and the backup camera was poor for those lighting conditions so the number of photos were limited.

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Randie Hovatter said...

Congratulations Susan!