Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Events At The LeCates/Chris Mills building

March 5 2012

Mills said despite the age of the building, he is confident in its sturdiness following an inspection after the 5.8 magnitude
earthquake that hit the East Coast in August 2011.

"This structure of the building is pretty unique," he said. "It survived a pretty big earthquake with the standards from the late 1800s. I went through it and not one brick fell down. Hopefully it has structural integrity."
Oct 8 Mayor and council Meeting 2013
Chris Mills came to talk about what I still refer to as the LeCates Building. As we know it looks like nothing has been done to it in the past year, however Chris Mills says he has cleaned the place out and is getting an architect to look at it. He hopes to have a coffee shop in it by Spring of 2015. He mentioned the East wall is bad and unsafe. I guess the good news he gave us, is the building (built in 1893) has fire cuts on the floor joist. Meaning the building will collapse in on it self rather than out into the street. FIRE CUT - At a supporting wall a regular joist has a square cut end, whereas a fire cut has an angled cut on the end. The cut angles away from the outside wall so that in the case of a fire severe enough to cause a floor collapse, THE JOIST CAN ROTATE OUT OF ITS BEARING, LEAVING THE WALL INTACT. If the joist has a regular square cut end, as the floor collapses, the end of the joist can push up on the wall above it, causing that wall to tip outward and endanger people outside of the building      
Today; State Street is blocked
Looks like the East wall (back of building)  may have collapsed

Using that upstairs bathroom may be embarrassing



Ray said...

Mother Nature wants her corner back I saw the big hole in the building as I went by for diner on Wednesday evening to Milanos with my friends. And by 5:30 pm, the town hadn't done anything about it, not placed danger signs, or block the street from pedestrians and or vehicles. They must quit at 4:30 no matter what .

Dixie said...

Howard, you and many others have complained about this building for years and the town has ignored you and them. Why has this guy gotten special treatment all this time? The town is real quick to issue citations for overgrown grass but at the same time have allowed this building to sit and keep on deteriorating and not be kept up according to town regulations. So the owner is in who's pocket? The council, the code enforcement officer, the town manager, who? Someone needs to dig on this but obviously the local "news" stations are interested! I've not seen ONE word on the local news about this!

WildcatNation said...

Apparently, word is that the collapsed wall was to come down this spring anyways and then to be safely rebuilt - looks like mother nature lent hand! Looking forward to see the new wall this summer!