Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Comments

Delmar Dustpan does have a facebook page but facebook is not a media I like, so I don't put anything on it.  I did however look at some of what was posted by various people who are facebook 'friends" and I thought this bit from Elberet Collins posting was amusing.
A little Resurrection Sunday humor:
Conversation between my son in-law and our 4 year old grandson about the true meaning of Easter.

John: Jesus died on the cross for us and on the 3rd day he rose from the dead.
Johnny: (As serious as he could be) Daddy, was Jesus a zombie?

Also on facebook are two pages I look at occasionally,  one is
"You know you're from the Eastern Shore"  which is mainly about Salisbury in the 1970's.
and the other is "I REMEMBER HEBRON, MARYLAND " which obviously is about Hebron.

Like everyone else I am trying to do some work outside.  I think my body is generating pheromones for wasps as everywhere I go they trail me or fly into my car at traffic lights. 

Saturday and Sunday were disruptive days listening to the sound of engines at the  Delmar Raceway. Even with windows closed we had to turn the sound on the TV up in order to hear the TV.

A little Delmar history

Houses and a church Replaced

Above is All Saints Episcopal church in 1929.  Originally erected in 1889.  As you can see it had houses to the right of it, trees in the back and and unknown fenced in area to the left.  This structure was torn down and replaced with the Delmar Fire department building and parking lot.   All Saints moved to 10st Street and Grove.

 All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Delmar, Delaware

Above is the 1931 Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Third Street (Bi-State Blvd) and Grove Street (in the upper third of the map) .  As you can see besides the church there were three houses along side the church on Grove Street.  Today all are gone. 

Let me mention that Carl Anderton Jr will speak at the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society meeting at the Nabb Research center (Wayne and Powell Street) 7 PM Wednesday night.  Carl will speak about his family tree research into the Anderton, Figgs, Dryden, White, Stant and Hearne branches of his family tree.  Carl, of course, is Mayor of Delmar Maryland, President of the Maryland Municipal league and a candidate for Maryland House of Delegates District 38 B. 

I am sure it is a cultural thing but I do not understand why Vice principal Kan Min Kyu committed suicide.  He just arranged the ferry trip he didn't have anything to do with the Korean ferry turning over.  It just added another death to a rising death toll.

His final note read: 'Surviving alone is too painful while 200 remain unaccounted for. I take full responsibility. I pushed ahead with the school trip.'
The note added: 'Burn my body and scatter my ashes at the site of the sunken ferry. Perhaps I can become a teacher for the missing students in my next life.'
'I will once again become a teacher in the afterlife for my students whose bodies have not been discovered.'

There was an amusing article by Pat Murphy in the past week's Morning Star.  He was bemoaning the fact that what was promised in their school referendum in 2010 is not being followed thru with.  Now I think the referendum process was illegal to begin with.  As you recall it was put up once and voted down by the taxpayers but in typical school bureaucrat fashion, which knows better than taxpayers, the school put it back up again and it passed.  In the referendum there was to be no football field but now there is too be a football field.  The old 1921 school which is something of a landmark in Laurel is too be torn down.  The school looks good to me but I thought the Delmar High school looked good and it is history.  It is interesting in this tear down world that the one thing not be torn down is the Lecates/Chris Mills building which is falling down by natural means.  Well Laurel is a a laugh anyway - look at their Mayor.  It is a Good Old Boy Town which if you are not in the Good Old Boy pack you have no say on any matter in Laurel. 

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