Friday, April 11, 2014

The Lecates/Chris Mills Building

Back four years ago when my house burnt I had to have someone come in and board it up so kids and vandals wouldn't sleep in it or enter it.  I was told it was a town ordinance requiring me to board it up.  It cost me about a thousand dollars for a plywood wall to built to cover the open part of the house and the windows boarded up.  Yet the Lecates building is just left open for whoever to enter and cause mischief or potential harm to passerbyers on the street.  I sent an email to the town asking why Chris Mills could get away with this when other people could not and of course received no reply. 


Dixie said...

You just watch. Down the road, it will be the town that endures the expense of tearing down this building. For YEARS, the Town Manager and the Code Enforcement Officer(s) have not done anything in regards to issues on this building. Now look where things stand today! I think the elected officials of Delmar, on BOTH sides need to take a long hard look at how codes are being enforced, or in this case, not being enforced. The town is real quick to write someone a citation for overgrown grass, which by the way won't KILL anybody, but then they allow this building to sit there like this!? Does somebody owe this guy Chris Mills money or something? Does he have something on somebody? Something has been wrong in this situation for YEARS and I don't see it changing, except to cost the Delmar TAXPAYERS a lot of money in the end!

Ray said...

I think town taxpayers should speak up, that is the problem, no one does anything until something dangerous happens,then they cry. Please go to the town meetings and voice your opinions.If they don't hear you, they assume everything is great.