Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Comments

Campbells Barber Shop downtown has changed names to
The Chris Mills mess of the Lecates Building continues the same as was written about last week.

I see in Seaford something is being done to The Ship restaurant.  The wooden vessel is in bad shape.  several years ago I stopped by and walked around the bottom of it and boards were rotted out in several places.  Things have deteriorated so bad I can't imagine someone reopening it.

Ticks abound at my place.  I have been doing some work in the yard and found several on me.  Once you find one your body feels like they are just crawling all over you.

Since Tuesday in Delmar Delaware is trash pickup day, Monday becomes Last Chance Leftover dinner night.  my daughter usually finds some reason to take off and eat out but my wife and I usually wrap up the leftovers or throw them out in the trash. 

I see bacon has gone up another dollar a pound.  I now pay $6 a pound for something I paid $3 a pound for 4 years ago.

There was a train formed up this morning of  about 50 cars heading south, mostly tankers and hopper cars.  Pulled by Norfolk Southern 2545 and 7690.  I have no great interest in trains but feel that since there are only a few locomotives that are stationed in Delmar I might as well identify them.  Lets face it they are all black, make noise, and smell - hard to be in love with them.

The NS 2545 SD70 (SD stands for Special duty)  is made by General Motors ElectroMotive Division

7690 is The ES40DC (Evolution Series, 4000 HP, DC traction) made by General Electric.

As I recall the accounting practice for developing a cost to sell large engines such as this was to sell the engine by the pound as opposed to a fixed selling price.  So the same way you would buy bananas you also buy locomotives.

By the way the flowers down town are kept up by the New century Club - Thanks ladies.

I don't have anything on the history of Delmar this week, instead I will talk about one of my "cold Case" family tree questions.  Up until the 1950 the Leonard Mill area was considered a community and not considered as an extension of Salisbury.  A mill, dam and thus a pond has been there since 1777 when it was called Parker Mill.  Moving forward, about 1918 two families moved into the Leonard Mill pond area.  I believe their property was about where the Home Depot shopping center sits today.  One family was headed by Casper John Hummel and the other family was headed by Jonas Henry Hampshire.  The uniqueness of them is both heads of family were successful in the places where they moved from and both were on the older age side to be making such a move.  So one of my unanswered questions is why did they both move?  Did they know each other before moving?  In the case of Casper John (C J) Hummel he was in his late 60s.  He was born in Germany in 1849 and came with his parents to America where they eventually settled in western Pennsylvania.  CJ Hummel married Anna Rickert.   They had for known children; Fredrick W. Hummel (1871 to 1957).   Redolpho Braum Hummel (1875- 1955) Redolpho was involved in missionary work to Africa (worked for the salvation and civilization of the negro - as the newspapers of the time reported it) and eventually ended up in California, Edna E. Hummel (1875- ), Laura Evelyn Hummel (1882-  ), Hellen M. Hummel (1884- ) married a doctor in Western Pensylvania, Clinton Roth Hummel (1887-1965), Casper John Hummel (1890- ) who went to South America, and Eleanor Virginia Hummel (1895-1986).

When CJ Hummel moved to the Leonard Mill Pond area there was only him, his wife and his youngest daughter; Eleanor.  The other family members were adults on their own.  The family was religious.  The Hampshires and the Hummels started a church/bible school at the old Freeney school called the Communty Sabbath School.  The Freeney school was built in 1910 on land donated by Will Freeney.  It was a one room school house with about 40 desks.  In 1932 it was ordered sold and eventually became the old "Spinning Wheel Night club. "The school Board eventually kicked the Community Sabbath School out of the Freeney school.   A new bible/church school called The Harmony Sabbath school was constructed on Jonas Hampshire land from donations. Both the Hummels and Hampshires were active in this school/church.

As I said the family was religious.  Clinton Hummel, the son,  became involved with a self proclaimed preacher named Joe Jeffers in California.  Joe was an evangelic preacher who eventually would accumulate four wives (not at the same time) become involved in sex parties and church fund lifting.  In 1945 Joe stole a car from his second wife and headed for Florida with Clinton Hummel.  They were arrested and both serve a year in a Florida prison.  Once released they headed back to California.  Why do we always enjoy it when religious people and politicians go to jail?

Eleanor Hummel would marry my Uncle; Sam  Dickerson in 1935.  CJ Hummel would die in 1930 and his wife Anna would die in 1936.    Sam and Eleanor would winter in Florida and summer in the Laurel area.  He worked as a union pipefitter.

Next door to the Hummels was the family of Jonas Henry Hampshire (1856 to 1946).  They moved here from Ohio (eastern Ohio so there is a chance the two families knew one another) . Both families arrived about 1918.   Jonas was highly successful in Ohio being a postmaster, farmer, deputy sheriff of Wood county and a register pharmacist.  He moved here at the age of 62.  With him was his wife Dora, son, Roscoe and daughter Hazel.  They ran a dairy farm and Jonas would donate milk to the students in the Freeney school.  Roscoe would have a son; Harold who would start an engineering firm in the Leonard Mill area.   

So there you have what I have accumulated so for on this cold case question. 

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