Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A Bit Of Train Trivia - Maybe

While walking back home last night from a Delmar Utility Meeting I saw # 9931 (built by General Electric Transportation System a D9-40CW) was sitting on the tracks downtown.  An Engineer was exiting the train so I had a chance to ask him some questions.  One of which was, if the locomotive hauls train cars both forward and in reverse (Push/Pull) how do you tell the front from the back of the locomotive.
Now I don't know if he recognized my complete ignorance of trains and decided he had a chance to pull my leg but he said on this model locomotive the front of the train is marked with an "F" for Front which as you can see from the below photo the "F".

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Patrick Henry said...

This must be the back end because that red thing is an End of Train Device.