Monday, June 30, 2014

Some Monday Comments

It is hot.  It has been quiet in Delmar with the exception of the race track creating noise most of the night on the weekend.  Not much going on.  I have been doing some major yard work the last three or four weeks.

Delmar public Works has gone around and sprayed the sidewalks for weeds and did it on Saturday.
One of those driveby and hang out the window with a spray hose. 

The Dew Tour wrapped it up in Ocean City and the crowd that goes there has certainly kept the Ocean City police busy.  Much more drunkenness and people needing medical attention from cuts and scrapes than usual.  

Delmar Maryland Mayor Carl Anderton has recently stepped down from being President of the Maryland Municipal League.  Chesapeake Beach Mayor Bruce A. Wahl is the new president for a year.

Wasp stings – I have been stung more this year by wasps than any other year.  It is not just wasp going to my flowers but they seem to nest in the shrubbery so when you are trimming the bushes back you are attacked.
On my way to visit my mother Sunday I stopped by KFC to pick her up a "Go cup" for lunch.   While there Terri, the Cashier/order taker was her usual efficient self.  She really does a great job with customers particularly the confused older ones and she always makes sure they get their “senior “discount.  The “help” at KFC restaurants vary greatly, it is mostly bad but I am sure it depends on who has the franchise in an area.  It certainly makes people such as Terri stand out when you encounter them. 
Most people take KFC for granted today but when it first was making a move for nationwide coverage it also made a major contribution to the poultry industry.  It had a great demand for processed chicken and they had the poultry plants do a special KFC cut for them that produced 9 pieces of cut chicken instead of the usual eight pieces. The demand and sales of KFC in turn made the other fast food companies start handling chicken and today chicken tenders and buffalo wings are a major part of the poultry industry sales.
 One of the habits my mother continues to have is letter writing.  Back when I was growing up people sent letters to one another constantly even if that person was in the same town and they had just seen one another that day.  Mail was delivered to your home twice a day for a three cent stamp.  The idea of actually writing on paper and sticking it in an envelope is is beyond people today but it followed the same concept as emailing some one multiple emails the same day.   My mother writes her sister who lives in Delmar, about every other day besides talking to one another on the phone.   
I went to another funeral last week, a nice woman passed away.  As you get into your 60's and 70's and beyond funerals become a way of life.  When you enter the high 80's and 90's they taper off because everyone you knew is already dead.
Chris Mills has done very little on his building.  It looks like the third floor was cleaned off and I see he or someone is in the building doing something today.


This 4th of July is on a Friday so traffic should be heavy.  The itinerant firework dealers are back in town on the Maryland side, sitting up their retail tents. 

They really don’t sell any good firework and of course Delaware doesn’t allow any personal fireworks but Delaware is a wimp state anyway that is why the Bidens can run it and Delawareans put up with Markell.      
There has always been a constant public face against fireworks but than everyone goes ahead and shoots them off.  Back in the 1920's etc there was an outcry against not only fireworks but also paper cap guns.  supposedly the gunpowder used in the caps would give you lockjaw if they got into a wound on youir body.  Salisbury Mayor Bounds stated this in the July 2, 1910 issue of The Courier Newspaper Salisbury MD

and for those Delmar Delaware residences Recycle pickup will still occur on Friday July 4th.

Flowers are in bloom in spite of the heat, Yarrow, Day lillies, Bees balm etc.



and my photo of trains this week  is #9616 heading north to Laurel pulling a couple of hopper cars.

And the cheap house of the week is;
100 East Pine Street
a foreclosure $28,000
The property at 100 E Pine St, Delmar, MD is a Residential Single Family property with 4 bedroom(s) and 2.0 bathroom(s), built in 1924 and is 1778 square feet.<br/><br/>Live bidding is ACTIVE for this property, sold in "as is" condition without contingencies or warranties. Make your bid now!

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