Monday, September 22, 2014

Delmar Heritage Day

Some photos of Delmar Heritage Day last Saturday as usual click on them to make them larger.

I arrived late and missed the tug-of-war between Delmar Maryland and Delmar Delaware out in State street on the state line but I understand Delmar Delaware won.
and yes a TV station (WBOC) sent by a reporter to interview and take pictures

Gary Horseman was there complete with stories.

Abe Lincoln, complete with band,  was there to give a little speech

Here Abe Lincoln is thanking Gary Horseman for voting for him in the 1864 election
The Bo Dickerson band was there.

The dashboard of a 1951 F150 Ford pickup (Bob Twilley).  I can remember when pickups had dirt on them but this isn't one of them.  Yes there was a car show

Linda Rigging's 1942 Dodge was there also

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