Monday, September 29, 2014

The New Crematorium Furnace has arrived

As many of you have observed what use to be an empty lot west of me now has a building going up on it.  It is a new building for Tom and Amy's Crematory business.  Part of the construction called for a new crematorium Furnace and it arrived today.
Well there is the hole that it goes in and the man in green from Gale Johnson Construction (302-846-0514) is explaining a fine point; like the cremator is suppose to drop from the sky.

So the Crematorium Furnace arrived on a roll off with a crane.
and it is air borne.  Everyone is on their feet just in case that sucker falls.

good planning, there was only a couple feet left between my fence and on the other side less than a foot.   The cremator is all shiny and new it even had that "new" Cremator smell, like buying a new car.

Big excitement from everyone.

The Riggers did a good job getting it in.
The final things the crane removed and placed on the roof was the smokestack
So things are a little closer to being operational.

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