Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Encryption Virus Got Me

About two weeks ago I got an encryption virus (CrytoWall) on my other computer.  Bad stuff, it encrypted all my document files.  It left me a ransom message but I doubt if I paid the money they would really de-encrypt what they had done.  Shows the reason why you do routine backups.  I was unable to back up and restore the computer at an earlier date so I took it to Brainwaves where they were able to clean up the computer but unable to restore ANY encrypted document files.  They did say they rarely came across the virus until this past week when other people started bringing in their computers.  I did loss a number of files that I had not been backing up.  So if you are not dumping those files onto a CD, DVD or other form of external storage you should start doing it right now. 

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