Friday, January 10, 2014

The Zinc Tombstone

Yesterday I paid a visit to Buckingham cemetery in Berlin Maryland. While there I came across this nice example of a Zinc/white bronze tombstone.

The tombstone is for Doctor Robert J. Bowen - April 27, 1827 to December 12, 1914. Dr Bowen is the son of Robert Fleming Bowen and Andasia Ironshire whose tombstones set to the right of Dr Bowen's. Robert J. Bowen was born in the Berlin area. In 1853 he graduated from the American Eclectic Medical college in Cincinnati Ohio. He practice medicine in Northern New Jersey but kept a summer home in the Berlin area. When he was in his 70's he returned to the Berlin area and lived with his brother, William, until his death.

The Zinc Tombstone was made of sand cast zinc and were made between 1875 to 1914 when the government took over the production of the Monumental Bronze company for WW1 war material production. The zinc has a bluish gray color. This type of monument tend to be a rare find in our area. The tombstone could be fitted with additional plates to bolt on to the marker as additional family members died. As you can see above the plate with the Robert Bowen information is held on by four bolts. This example looks quite nice with it bluish color and there are no stains or cracks that I saw. For a monument that will be a hundred years old shortly, based on his death date, it is in excellent shape.

Affordable Hair Extensions Is Open

Over in the State Line Plaza Affordable Hair Extensions is open

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Delmar Historical and Arts Society Has First Meeting Of 2014 Tonight

Delmar Historical and Arts Society

Our first meeting is Thursday 7 PM January 9 at the Avenue Building downtown.
If you are unable to make the meeting please send your comments and suggestions to us for projects and improvements we can make so we can kick off 2014 with a bang. We need your help, there are several areas in which we lack the knowledge to include them in the newsletter or do projects related to them, but they are all synonym with Delmar. Among those areas are The Railroad, School Sports and Stockcar Races. Being a DHAS member is a worthwhile adventure. All of us are needed, including you, to take us thru this year with vigor and joy. We are on the path of creating a fun and exciting Historical and Arts Society, to keep our rich history alive and growing.

This is not only a meeting announcement but it is a request for you to join DHAS or renew your membership. The membership dues structure is a follows;

· Individual Membership $24.00
· Family Membership $48.00
· Life Membership $200.00
· Husband/Wife Membership $300.00
· Senior/Student $12.00

The annual dues are due in January and cover the Period January thru December.

Please send your check to DHAS, PO Box 344, Delmar, DE 19940

I do hope you will join or renew your membership and give us your support to carry out the purpose of our society as stated in our bylaws.

DHAS Email:
DHAS Blog:

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

2014 Delaware Fishing Licenses And Don't Forget The Damn FIN Number For 2014

DNREC’s Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Section reminds anglers that it’s time to purchase their 2014 Delaware fishing licenses, as their 2013 licenses expired on Dec. 31. A valid fishing license is required for fishing, crabbing and clamming in Delaware in both tidal and non-tidal waters.

A resident annual fishing license costs $8.50 for ages 16 through 64. Anglers under the age of 16 and residents age 65 and older are not required to purchase fishing licenses in Delaware. Some requirements differ for non-resident anglers. Exempt persons may purchase fishing licenses if they so choose to help support fisheries management in Delaware.

Recreational anglers fishing Delaware waters also are required to obtain a Delaware Fisherman Information Network (F.I.N.) number; this number is generated automatically on all individual fishing licenses sold through Delaware’s electronic licensing systems. License-exempt anglers, including Delaware residents 65 and older; non-resident boat fishing license holders who do not have an individual license; and individuals fishing on licensed boats who do not have an individual license, must obtain their free F.I.N. number by visiting or calling 800-432-9228 toll-free.

Delaware fishing licenses are sold online, at the licensing office in DNREC’s Richardson & Robbins Building, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, and by license agents statewide. To find the participating agent nearest you, or to purchase a license online, click Delaware Licenses. For more information, visit

Anglers also are reminded that the recreational black sea bass season closed in Delaware coastal waters beginning on Jan. 1, 2014. Federal waters, which begin 3 miles from shore, also closed on Jan. 1. Open season(s) for 2014 have not been finalized, but recommendations under consideration are for open seasons from May 19 to Sept. 18 and from Oct. 18 to Dec. 31, as well as a minimum size of 12.5 inches and a 15-fish daily harvest limit. Open season dates, minimum size and harvest limits for 2014 will be announced when finalized.

For more information on black sea bass or other Delaware fishing regulations, call the Fisheries Section at 302-739-9914 or visit

DNREC Press Release


Contact: Sgt. Gregory Rhodes, Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, 302-739-9913 or 302-542-6102, or Joanna Wilson, DNREC Public Affairs, 302-739-9902

Sussex men charged with weapons, hunting violations

FRANKFORD (Jan. 7, 2014) – DNREC Natural Resources Police, Division of Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Agents arrested two Sussex County men Jan. 5 near Frankford on numerous hunting violations following a call from a concerned citizen regarding deer hunting on a Sunday. The arrests were made with the assistance of Enforcement Labrador retriever K9 Warden’s tracking skills.

Thorvald P. Impastato, 19, of Frankford, was arrested and charged with felony possession of a destructive weapon (a handgun with an illegal silencer), shooting a firearm within a safety zone near a residence, trespassing to hunt, unlicensed hunting, hunting deer during a closed season, and hunting deer illegally on a Sunday. A shotgun and a handgun with a silencer were seized as evidence.

Gabriel S. Bowden, 18, of Dagsboro, was arrested and charged with shooting a firearm within a safety zone near a residence, possession of an unplugged shotgun, trespassing to hunt, unlicensed hunting, and hunting deer illegally on a Sunday. A shotgun was seized as evidence.

Both men were arraigned in Justice Peace Court 3 in Georgetown. Impastato was released on $2,725 unsecured bond, and Bowden was released on $250 unsecured bond, pending trial at a later date.

“Hunters should always consider their surroundings and how far their fired ammunition can travel,” said Sgt. Gregory Rhodes of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, noting that it is illegal in Delaware for anyone other than the owner or occupant, or a person with specific, advance permission from the owner or occupant, to discharge a firearm so that shot, slug or a bullet lands upon any occupied dwelling, house or residence, or any related barn, stable or other outbuilding.

In addition, anyone except the owner or occupant or a person with specific permission of the owner or occupant is prohibited from discharging a firearm within 100 yards of an occupied dwelling, house or residence, or any related barn, stable or other outbuilding, while hunting or trapping wild birds or animals of any kind. The statewide safety zone for in-season archery deer hunting is 50 yards. New Castle County has its own ordinances, including a 200-yard firearm safety zone from homes, structures and camps north of I-295 and I-95 in which firearms may not be discharged, and a 100-yard firearm safety zone south of I-295 and I-95. Within these safety zones, it is illegal for anyone other than the owner or occupant to hunt, trap, pursue, disturb or otherwise chase any wild animal or bird without advance permission of the owner or occupant.

For hunting information, consult the 2013-2014 Delaware Hunting & Trapping Guide at Hunting guide online. Hard copies are available at the license desk in DNREC’s Dover office at 89 Kings Highway, or from license dealers statewide. For more information, call the Wildlife Section office at 302-739-9912.

The DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife recognizes and thanks the majority of anglers, hunters and boaters who comply with and support Delaware’s fishing, hunting and boating laws and regulations. Citizens are encouraged to report fish and wildlife and boating violations to the Delaware Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Section by calling 302-739-4580. Wildlife violations may also be reported anonymously by calling 800-292-3030 or online at Operation Game Theft.

Vol. 44, No. 4


Freezing weather

Part of the effect of leaving soda cans out on your screen porch in this freezing weather is you have a mess to clean up before the thaw.

Some Comments on Nelson DeMille Novels

Nelson DeMille is one of my favorite writers.  He does not write crime/drama novels instead he writes Thrillers.  Books you can’t put down once you start reading the book.  Since his books are in the 500 to 600 page range they can disrupt your daily routine until you finish them.  The story line is usually a major catastrophe about too occur and he writes about that until the last second before the earth is destroyed or whatever the event is.  You hang in there reading each page with even more intensity than the first page.  I have only read about eight of his novels and they were more of the stand along story line, with the John Sutter and Paul Brenner series.  I have not read the John Corey series.

He is the son of a French Canadian Father (explains some of his deficiencies) and an American mother.  He was born in August of 1943 so he is the same age as I thusly there are some shared experiences which always increase my interest in a novel.  He grew up on Long Island New York and includes that area in some of his novels.   He started writing in the late 1970’s and has over 25 books to his credit.  One “The General’s Daughter” was made into a movie.  The novels that came after the movie came out show a slight change in direction as they seem to be written with the hope they will be made into a movie. 

His books do display a number of things I find distracting at time (but not enough to put them down).  First, being from Long Island he has the New England Inferiority complex, meaning he has to write in a negative fashion about anyone not from the Northeast so he can feel superior to the rest of the United States.  This inferiority complex is also part of Dan Brown’s books (Da Vinci Code etc).  Second, his books are formula books – admit he has a good formula but reading one book will tell you about how the rest of his books will be.    In a book by a different Author; Edgardo Vega Yunque “The Lamentable Journey of Omaha Biglow into the Impentrable Loisaida Jungle”  The Author interface dialog with the characters in his novel.  In his discussions he talks about formula novels and authors “who write the same novel over and over again as if they were manufacturing Pablum for toothless adults.”  Yunque also mentions the “use of foreign phrases to create atmosphere and exoticism.”  Latin phrases frequently appear in DeMille books.  

Other things I find distracting is his male lead character seems to hook up with a woman 20 years younger than him.  His characters seem to have unlimited access to money.  All of his characters are unflattering and all are despicable and even minor characters are rarely role model for honesty and the American way.  Parts of his book tend to be travelogue as filler and parts of his books contain trivia facts.  He will accept donations to charities to include your name as one of the characters in his book.   

Well it sounds like I have written more negative items about his books than good, but the truth is he is just a good writer and his books will entertain you and frequently take you into a world you hope does not exist but in the back of your mind you know it does.   As I said he is one of my favorite writers.

Today is Elvis Presley Birthday

Today is Elvis Presley Birthday, born in 1935  he would be 79.  My wife will spend her day off watching those horrible Elvis Presley movie.  Somewhere in Greenbackville Virginia an old man is putting on that white jump suit to celebrate his birthday. 

Whose Who on the Sussex County Council From a Sussex County News Release

Sussex County Council selects officers, appoints legal staff for 2014

Georgetown, Del., Jan. 7, 2014: Sussex County Council is keeping its leadership intact for the New Year.

County Council, at its Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014, meeting, selected Councilman Michael H. Vincent of Seaford as president of the body for the fourth year in a row. Meantime, Council re-elected Councilman Samuel R. Wilson Jr. of Georgetown to remain as vice president for another year.

It is customary for council at the first meeting of each year to reorganize, electing its officers and appointing legal staff. As Council president, Mr. Vincent will continue to preside over all council meetings in 2014, with Mr. Wilson substituting as the presiding officer anytime Mr. Vincent is unable to attend.

Council also approved J. Everett Moore Jr. to re-appointment as County Attorney. Mr. Moore serves at the pleasure of the County Council as the elected body’s chief counsel.

Meantime, the law firms of Moore & Rutt and Griffin & Hackett were also appointed to represent the Board of Adjustment and Planning & Zoning Commission respectively, with staff from those firms serving as assistant county attorneys.

The Delmar Video postcard

Over on you tube Jessica Ludemann made a one minute video called a video postcard of Delmar Delaware/Maryland  take a look

It was made in 2012 but not posted to you tube until 2014.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Lights Half Out

So about 6:15 this morning the lights in my house started to flicker and by 6:30 only half the lights in the house would come on.  A call to Delmarva Power had a repair truck to our area by 7:15 and by 7:45 everything was back to normal.  Besides the power being out, the outside temperature about 63 degrees at 5:30 this morning, plus periods of pouring down rain, it looks like this may just turn into a crap day for a Monday.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Beekeeping 101

December 30, 2013
DOVER -- A Beekeeping 101 workshop will be held Jan. 18 for anyone interested in the art and science of beekeeping.
The event will take place 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Delaware State University Research & Outreach Center, 844 Smyrna-Leipsic Road, Smyrna.
Registration is $50 per person, which includes a one-year membership in the Delaware Beekeepers Association and the book "Beekeeping for Dummies." Married couples or life partners can both attend and pay just one registration.
The event is sponsored by the Delaware Beekeepers Association and Delaware State University's Small Farms Program.
Presenters will include Delaware State Apiarist Robert Mitchell with the Department of Agriculture, on honeybee pests and diseases; Ken Outten, DBA president, on sources for bees; Bill Leitzinger, DBA vice-president for New Castle County, on first-year hive management; Robert Bauer, DBA treasurer, on essential beekeeping equipment; and Katy Evans, graduate assistant to Dr. Debbie Delaney of the University of Delaware, on honeybee biology.
Participants can get registration forms at or by email at They may be mailed, along with the $50 fee, to Bob Bauer, DBA Treasurer, 3210 Effendi Drive, Middletown, DE 19709.
# # #
Dan Shortridge
Chief of Community Relations
Delaware Department of Agriculture
O: 302-698-4520
C: 302-242-4092

Tomorrow Night The Delmar Delaware Council Meets