Friday, April 04, 2014

Go Kubota

From The Dover Post;

Kubota Tractor Corporation rewarded local Kubota Dealer, Burke Equipment Company of Newark, Felton, and Delmar Delaware with a week-long trip to Sydney Australia, March 3-11.
The trip included a black and white gala formal dinner, a sailing regatta on Sydney Harbor, The Sydney Opera House, The Rocks Walking Tour, The Sydney Grand Town Hall, Featherdale Wildlife Park and cruising to Manly Beach and Watsons Bay.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Delaware State Parks


 Contact: Caroline Foltz, Delaware State Parks, 302-739-9185,

Outdoor Family Programs at Delaware State ParksTwo programs geared toward connecting families to nature offered this spring

DOVER (March 2, 2014) – Delaware Outdoor Family, in conjunction with the Children In Nature initiative, will provide two campouts this spring to begin Delaware State Parks’ second year of overnight family camping programs. The programs are geared toward sparking families’ interest in spending time outdoors.

Delaware Outdoor Family provides overnight camping trips guided by park staff, giving families an opportunity to get outdoors and experience the state parks in a new way. Programs include activities that daytime park visitors don’t get to experience, including beach campfires and nighttime astronomy.

Camping can seem like a challenge for busy parents, but the experience of sleeping under the stars is meaningful for kids and adults alike. When families spend time together outdoors, children are more likely to feel a strong personal connection with nature.

 Two campouts will be offered this spring. The Lums Pond State Park campout in Bear, on April 12 and 13, will highlight tent-building and campfire cooking, and will also include a full moon kayak trip. Staff at Trap Pond State Park in Laurel, will teach camping basics and offer a nighttime hayride and evening owl prowl on May 17, and a morning pontoon boat tour after campfire breakfast on May 18.

Details are available in the Delaware State Parks’ 2014 Winter/Spring Guide. More daytime Delaware Outdoor Family opportunities are marked throughout the guide, including Youth Fishing Tournaments in Wilmington and Laurel, and Campfire Circle programs at Cape Henlopen. Pre-registration is required for each campout and can be made by contacting the hosting park. Information is also available at, or at Lums Pond State Park: 302-368-6989; or Trap Pond State Park: 302-875-5163


Laurel lions club Showboat April 3rd to 5th

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The History of Ocean City Talk At LDGS

Last Wednesday George Hurley gave a talk to the lower Delmarva Genealogical Society (LDGS) on "The History Of Ocean City."  It was a highly entertaining talk.  Two items that stood out from many interesting topics were these;  Each high rise Condo in Ocean City has a higher appraised tax value than the entire town of Snow Hill.   Second, in the 1930's when the government was trying to give everyone a job they would pay 35 cents for a filled quart mason jar of dead mosquitoes - he had a filled jar there for an example.

Delmar spring clean Up

A reminder that Delmar Spring Cleanup is this coming Tuesday and Wednesday on the Delaware side of town and next week on the maryland side of town.  Good time to get rid of the tree limbs, etc that have accumulated over the winter.  Call town hall to tell them you have stuff for them to pickup.

The Farm Use Tag

I recently was reading an email newsletter from the Delaware  House of Representatives that addressed "Farm Use" tags on alleged farm vehicles.  Now I have written about, what I view as a problem, with the use of these tags.  At that time I was concerned about the safety issue with the watermelon buses that are so popular in our area.  House Bill 122 will put a $10 registration fee for a "FV" tag to replace the farm use tag.  It is a shame that farmers have abused the farm use tag for it to come to this.  We all know once the State begins issuing a tag, that $10 registration will go by the wayside in a couple of years and an annual fee will replace it followed by inspections.  However I agree something has to be done about it.

From the Delaware House of Representatives

Curtailing the Misuse of Farm Vehicles:
Farmers are currently allowed to operate vehicles on their properties and in the general vicinity of their operations using plastic "Farm Vehicle" tags available at any supply store, but that will change in about six months.
House Bill 122 (as amended) was approved by the House this week and is heading to Gov. Markell for his expected signature. The measure will replace the non-specific plastic tag with a new "FV" tag that will be numbered and registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles.
The bipartisan bill is supported by the Delaware Farm Bureau and grew out of repeated complaints about abuses. Downstate legislators regularly receive calls that the tags are used by non-farmers. Additionally, authorities have no way of identifying farm vehicles that violate traffic laws or run tolls.
The new tags will be limited to farm vehicles and trailers owned and used exclusively by farmers who derive at least $1,000 of their annual income from actively farming a minimum of 10 acres. Such vehicles can only be legally operated for personal or agricultural use within 20 miles of the farm. A one-time $10 registration fee will apply.
While exempt from state inspection, a farm vehicle or trailer with an FV tag must be equipped with a functioning stop light, turn signals and brakes.
During debate Thursday, State Rep. Dave Wilson, R-Cedar Creek Hundred, said while he supported the bill, he was concerned about a flurry of late objections he received about it. He said more than a dozen farmers contacted him recently because they had no proof-of-ownership of some of their farm vehicles.
"In many cases, (farmers) have lost the title or destroyed the title because they never intended to register it ..., so my question is: 'How are they going to show proof-of-ownership?'" he said.
State Reps. Wilson, Ruth Briggs King, R-Georgetown, and Ron Gray, R-Selbyville, preferred to delay the bill briefly until officials with the Division of Motor Vehicle officials could weigh-in on the issue. Ultimately, the House decided to move forward, with Reps. Wilson, Briggs King & Gray not voting on the legislation.
State Rep. Steve Smyk, R-Lewes-Milton, was the only House member to oppose the measure, which passed 34 yes, 1 no, 3 not voting, and 3 absent.

Today - A Walking Tour


Contact: Laura Lee or Wendy Minor, Fort Delaware State Park and Fort DuPont State Park, 302-834-7941;

Fort DuPont Walking Tour set for Sunday, March 30

DELAWARE CITY (March 28, 2014) – The Interpretive staff at Fort DuPont State Park will conduct a walking tour of the park at 2 p.m. Sunday, March 30. The tour includes a discussion of how many of the buildings on the grounds have been used over time and plans for adaptive reuse of the site in the future.

 Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes, and dress for the weather.

The program meets at the entrance to the Fort DuPont fishing point (near the Fort DuPont sign), located on Wilmington Avenue. There is no charge for the program.

Reservations are not necessary, and visitors may obtain specific directions by calling the Fort Delaware State Park office at 302-834-7941. In the event of inclement weather, cancellation information will be available at 302-256-6321.

Stolen Airbags

It never entered my mind that people would steal airbags from cars but it seems to be a big item to steal.  So these people that actually buy your car for scrap metal and give you a hundred or so must have a number of ways to make a profit besides scrap metal.

The Columbus Patch recently had an article on it

Airbag theft is a growing crime trend, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which reports an estimated 50,000 airbags are stolen each year, costing vehicle owners more than $50 million.
An airbag sells for about $1,000 from a car dealer but can go for between $50 and $200 on the black market, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.