Thursday, May 01, 2014

Hydrant Flush Friday Night After 9 PM

The Town of Delmar will be flushing water lines tomorrow night. The flushing is done to rid the system of any accumulated sediment so that the Town can provide residents and visitors alike with the highest water quality possible and to ensure that fire hydrants are operating properly in case of an emergency.

While the flushing is being done users of our water system may notice a drop in pressure. You should not experience a total loss of water pressure. Your water should return to normal within a few hours.

Water users are advised that some discoloration of the water may occur if you draw water while Public Works is flushing near your home. If this occurs you should wait until public works is out of the area and then run cold water from the faucet nearest to the water meter for several minutes and it should clear up.

It’s recommended that no laundry be done during the flushing period to prevent discoloration and before doing laundry, residents are advised to run the cold water to make sure it runs clear.

Motorists are asked to use caution on streets where flushing is being done; there may be temporary ponding of water in those areas.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Comments

For some reason train traffic in Delmar was heavy last week.  The photo above is of 9965 which I understand is a road number not a unique serial number assigned to the train.  I think it is a GE Dash C40 – 9W Diesel-electric locomotive.  Norfolk Southern Railroad purchased over a thousand of them from GE.   Which brings me to a little story about the GE Locomotive division that I will tell in my own rambling way.  Years ago I worked for Eaton, a manufacturing company in Salisbury that made Circuit breakers.  GE locomotive division was one of their customers and part of my accounting functions was to do Credit and Collections.  Credit and Collections is a function that is sometime put with Accounting but it doesn’t mesh well with accounting.  Unlike the collection call you may receive from a nasty person who wants to collect an overdue hospital bill from you, in manufacturing the credit and collections person has to be nice enough to collect the money but retain the company as a customer.  Much negotiation goes on in this position.  A good credit and collection person is well worth the money paid him or her.  I was horrible at it.  Anyway GE Locomotive division was behind on payment, like over six months.  Like a number of large companies they felt they were big enough to tell you when they would pay and how much they would pay – much like Walmart does with their suppliers.  I cut them off.  No more circuit breakers from Eaton in Salisbury.  A large ripple was sent thru Eaton that I, an unknown, in a division that was being done away with and transferred to Mexico had cut a large customer off.  Oh well since I was slated to be laid off anyway when things went to Mexico I had nothing to lose.  Headquarters stepped in and took over.  As far as I know GE still owes Eaton. 


I have been checking my crab lines.  Have not used them in a few years and they must rot all on their own. 
A little Delmar history;
From The Wicomico News (Salisbury MD) March 25 1937


Plank Breaks Hurtling Five Men 40 Feet To Ground: None Fatally Injured

Construction Superintendent Unable To Explain Cause Of Accident

Five men were injured late Thursday afternoon, none fatally, when the collapse of a scaffolding at the Delmar (Md.) high school hurled them 40 feet to the ground. 
The men were lifting a 1,000 – lb cornice stone into position when the plank on which they were standing snapped.  The stone plunged to the ground with them.

Charles Brohawn, superintendent of construction for the contractor, the Cambridge Brick Company, could give no explanation of the collapse.  The plank which broke was not knotty or flawed; he said and had sustained the same load before.

The five men injured were;
Clyde Turner, Delmar
John Dickerson, Cambridge
Elmer Mowbray, Cambridge
Russell Tyler, Cambridge
Waller Feaster, Crisfield

 Feaster and Mowbray received broken legs in the fall and Turner sustained several broken ribs.  All were rushed to the Peninsula General Hospital where they were kept under close observation for possible internal injuries.
An addition to the school is being constructed by the Cambridge Brick Company at a contract price of $86,121.95 and is one of four schools now being built by the county under a $419,000 Public Works Administration program.  


Is there any nicer smelling flower than a lilac? 

I also have some wild violets growing in my back yard.  I transplanted a few to a border and they are doing fine.  They were featured as the "Weed of The week" in the Michigan flower blog
After some haggling the appropriate number of goats were settled on and it looks like my cousin ‘s daughter will be getting married.  My wife, this weekend,  went over to a bridal shower for her in Arnold, Md leaving me to my own devices.  While she was there she had a flat tire.  AAA came and changed it for her and she drove home on the spare tire (which was a full size tire not a donut).  Today I will take it someplace to have the flat fixed.  Mr. Tire (Use to be Carl King’s) charges about $25 to fix a flat, which brought my wife and I to a discussion about Jack Dryden.  Jack ran a tire business in Delmar and if you bought the tire from him he wouldn’t charge you to fix it if you had a flat later on.  Jack knew customer service and we always liked going to him.

 I made Ratatouille last week, I guess I will always associate this dish with rats since Disney made the movie. 

Maria de Madeiros
I watched a movie called “Chicken With Plums”  ("Poulet aux prunes" ). It had three really great actresses in it.  First; Isabella Rossellini who I am a great fan of since she appeared nude in “Blue Velvet”.  She is old now (like the rest of us) but still nice looking.  Watching her slice up a watermelon brought back images of her with the knife in “Blue Velvet”.  Maria de Madeiros, from “Pulp Fiction” was in it also, with her unique look and Golshifteh Farahani, (Body of Lies) another with a unique look.

The Price for garden plants (flowers and vegetables) is horrible.  I usually plant a garden for both the freshness and cheapness but at the price they are charging for plants it may be cheaper to buy from a roadside stand.   

My neighbor has received a letter from the town about her grass being too tall.  Yet the Lecates building continues to stay as it always has.  This must affect home sales in Delmar.  On one side of the coin you have good schools on the other you have a town whose water supply is being investigated by the EPA, a central building downtown that looks like a bombed out building from WWII and a town that will do nothing about it.  I may go to the town meeting tonight about it but it is hard to make a point when I am the only one who shows up to complain.  Delmar is like that.  Since I belong to the Delmar Historical and Arts Society I keep getting questions as to why we don’t do this or that.  We are lucky to have a quorum show up at a meeting let alone try and come up with people to do a project.  I think most of the organizations in town are like that.  No one shows up for meeting and heaven forbid anyone steps forth to be an officer in an organization. 
UPDATE: Yes I did go to the Joint Council meeting.  As to be expected I was the only one there to complain about the Chris Mills mess.  The purpose of the meeting was to have the first reading of the budget for the two towns.  It was read, there are no increases in taxes and the next reading and approval will be 19th of May.  The budget is available in town hall to look at. 

Lanta Henson came to address the Maryland commission about the problem with the Woodcreek Golf Course.  She lives across the street from the golf course (she was there before the golf course came) and her problem is golf balls fly across Bi-State Blvd and hit her house.  Numerous impact damage has been done to her house, most of lower repair cost so they do not exceed her insurance deductible.  She said her son was hit by a golf ball in her yard.  She said golfers trespass on her property looking for golf balls.  She has watched a pickup truck driving down Bi-State Blvd be hit by a golf ball and the window smashed.  She had a petition signed by neighbors who lived around the golf course asking for help in solving this problem.  The commission said originally when the golf course was to built there was to be a net on Bi-State Blvd like you would see at a driving range.  They said they would speak to the Owners of the golf course.

Long story short the Delmar Delaware council said they had no intentions of doing anything about the Chris Mills building.  Councilman Robert Thompson said "Give him a chance."  Of note Chris Mills has been playing with this building since 2009.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Delmar Joint Council Meeting Monday Night 7 PM

The meeting is about the Budget for next year but maybe in the Public Comment section is where the Lecates building should be addressed.