Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Comments May 26, 2014

Memorial Day weekend has been quiet in Delmar with the exceptions of the usual noise makers.

flags are out at veteran monuments across town

and at the cemeteries

A vehicle dealership changed and is now "The Truck Store" at Bi-State and Rt13

 There is a church BBQ coming up.

A little Delaware History
June 30th 1943 was the last date that Delaware had a front and back license plate for vehicles.  after that date it was just one tag on the rear.

A little Delmar history;

Lester Augustus Hall.  Mr. Hall was principal of the Delmar Maryland from 1926.  He was born in Powellville, Wicomico County Maryland on November 6th, 1892.   He married Hettie F. Lowe of Delmar Delaware.  Hettie was the daughter of the well know store owner, at the time, R. H. (Bob) Lowe in Delmar They had one daughter; Frances Hall.
Mr. Hall graduated Wicomico High School, Western Maryland College, Columbia and John Hopkins Universities.    He taught high school in Florida, and Georgia for five years before becoming Principal in the Delmar High school.  He was a member of Company I National Guards from 1915 to 1919.
He was the principal at Delmar High school well into the 1940's.


And the cheap house of the week in Delmar is;
8 Spruce Street in Delmar Maryland at $25,000, well actually it is an auction with $25,000 as the low end.
  ABSOLUTE AUCTION ON PREMISES FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 2014 AT 12:00 NOON TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER OVER $25,000. List price is opening bid only. $2,500 deposit required. Please contact auctioneer's office for full terms, bidder pre-registration form and property details

2 bedrooms one bath 856 sq ft

As we know there is Black beach week in Virginia Beach  an event which tends to get rowdy with everything from vandalism, theft, public disturbances, foul language etc, etc. Don't misunderstand me, it isn't everyone, or even most of the people there, but there is an element that just likes to cause problems.  Ocean City thinks it maybe the next spot that this crowd will be drawn to so they are building up security for it.

I was recently looking thru some 1960s yearbooks from Salisbury State College.  Wow really bad photographs, even allowing for bad hair days (the bee hive for woman and JFK comb for men) they were just bad photos.  Photoshop most be the great thing going for yearbook photos.

Strawberries are abound in the area.  My mother was telling me her mother and her use to pick them for three cents a quart back in the 1930's.

I had a really good cheesesteak sub from Blvd Deli at Bi-state and State.  It was stuffed with so much meat and cheese I could not finish it.  I would recommend the place altho they do tend to have slow service at times.
One of the many small memorials scattered around churches in Delmar

and a new store/lounge has opened out at State Line Plaza called Delmar Vapor - e-cigarette lounge.
They seem to change so often out at State Line Plaza I don't even remember which store was there before.