Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Comments

Above is a picture of train #9931 heading north pushing five hopper cars.

The Maryland Municipal League ended their convention/party in Ocean City


and now the elected officials and employees of Delmar can recover and get back to business.  Business being a Delmar Maryland mayor and commissioner meeting Monday night.


For those who have to pay Internal revenue estimated taxes that second quarter tax payment is due June 16th, Monday.

For those dreamers who hope Chris Mills will turn the building he purchased at the corner of State street and Pennsylvania Avenue (the one in which the rear of it is collapsed) into a historical centerpiece let me pass on the hearsay of his presentation to Planning and Zoning. The rear wall will not be made of brick, it will not be built of cinder blocks, his proposal is it will be a wood frame covered in vinyl siding. 

My mother turned 90 yesterday.  We all gathered to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Day In the Park last weekend was once a gain a success.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  A couple politicians set up tables as it is another election year.  The photo below is of Bob Wheatley, candidate for Sussex County Council pressing the flesh campaigning.  Bryan Richardson and Vance Phillips were also there.

Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips and Sam Wilson were recently in the news when they voted against giving the NAACP a contribution from their councilman's special fund a $100 for a youth group to go to a Las Vegas convention.  They said since the NAACP had "colored" in their title they would not give to an organization that discriminate based on race.
Naturally the reply from the NAACP as quoted in the Wilmington Journal;
Those two councilmen seem to be racists and bigots," said Richard Smith, president of the Delaware chapter of the NAACP
Good For Wilson and Phillips.   If this had been an organization for the advancement of white people the Federal government and the Sussex County council would have been all over that organization.  I for one am sick of the double standard that has developed over the past 40 years.  And what is more of a sterotype than colored people going to Las Vegas?

The hogs are feeding in Wicomico County again and no one seems concerned about it.  For the fifth year running Wicomico County is increasing taxes – this time by 5%.  Well it makes for good house sales in Delaware as more people will move to Delaware but those who have businesses in Wicomico County are stuck.  Well that what happens when you let them get away with it and don’t take an active part in giving direction to your local government.

A new business is coming to Delmar Delaware downtown.  Called the Peddlers Four, it occupies a store front that has had more thrift stores, second hand stores, and Five and Dime than any other store front down town. 



I recently read “The Floating Girl” by Sujata Massey


Massey, to some degree, can be considered a Maryland writer as she lives outside of DC in Maryland.  She has a series of books (The Floating Girl is one of them) in which the central character is Rei Shumura, a female antique dealer in Japan who ends up investigating murder and crime.  Because it takes place in modern Japan you pick up a lot of current Japanese lore and culture.

A little Delmar History from 1982 - a news item from the Miami News going back to the Jimmy Smith and Bill McCain era.

And speaking of history, I recently read where Delmar Maryland Councilman Michael Gibb is moving to Florida and is resigning as Councilman.  Gibb was one of the better elected officials, he always made the meetings and was a conservative person who always tried to make informed decisions.  Altho he lived in Woods Creek development he never tried to make Wood Creek his main focus and I think he fairly represented all of Delmar Maryland.  It is a shame he is leaving. 

I was talking to someone from Perdue farms about their relationship with Wal-mart and he commented that they were the first chain store they sold to in which  Wal-mart employees unloaded the Perdue truck at the Wal-mart location  then Walmart would send them a bill for their employee’s time used to unload the truck.
I was lulled to sleep last night at 11:30pm listening to the sound of engines roaring out at the Delaware International Speedway.  No doubt a contributing factors as to why houses are cheap in Delmar.

I can’t say the number of Sheriff Sales in Sussex County that appear in the Laurel Star is decreasing by much.  One property that is up for tax sale auction on June 17th is 205 North 2nd Street ( corner of Second and Delaware) in Delmar Delaware.