Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Delmar Little League Girls Softball

The District 8 - Delmar Little League Girls Softball - Major League (11/12 yo) 
Back Row (standing, L-R) Crystal McVay, Coach Wayne Massey, Natalie Smith, Catherine Smith, Sam Lanham, Angelina Arter, Anna Webster, Brielle Johnson, Alyssa Weldon, Coach Lauren Massey

Front Row ((kneeling, L-R) Ashlyn Carr, Hailey Bitters, Jordan Moore, Stephanie Massey, Mya Kemp, Ashlynn Hastings

They play tonight in Preston @ 6pm against Sharpsburg for State Champion
UPDATE From delmarva Now
The Delmar Major League softball team captured the Maryland State Championship with a 11-6 win over Sharpsburg on Thursday night.
Angelina Arter earned the win in the circle, going six innings, allowing five hits and getting five strikeouts.
Brielle Johnson went 2-3 with a double, two runs and an RBI, and Ashlyn Carr contributed with a double and two RBIs.
Jordan Moore pitched in with a hit and two runs, and Arter and Stephanie Massey each added a hit.
Delmar will travel to Bristol, Connecticut, for the East Regional and will take on Delaware on Saturday, July 19, at 11 a.m.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Comment July 6 2014

Tomorrow night there will be a Delmar Delaware Mayor and Council meeting.  See the agenda below:


This October there will be an election for a Mayor and two council members on the Delmar Delaware side of town.  Should you be interested in filing for one of those positions (and you should be) you will have to file by September 12th.  You can only file for one office at a time.  About the only requirement for filing is you have to be 18 years of age and a resident of the town for one year preceding the election.
I finally broke down and got a hair cut.  During the time to cut the hair John Trout, the new barber at Riddle and Campbell Barber shop, and I came up with solutions to solved all the problems of Delmar and many for the USA.


Since Dunkin Donuts has opened their new store in front of Sam’s Club the one that was at Gordy’s tiger mart has closed down.  Notice in the below photo the dumpster and missing sign in the sign post.  We will wait and see what comes in there next.

The La Cabana, north of Delmar, may have been sold.  It has been empty, gutted by fire in 2009.  I saw trucks pulled up in front the other day and some trash has been picked up and the for sale sign is gone. 


Stores seem impatience to get the 4th of July over with and move in the “getting ready for back to school” items.  Gets earlier every year, but so does starting school.

I have been without internet for a couple days last week and finally had to break down and go to Comcast in Salisbury for a new modem.  Always a long line with bored looking customers holding equipment in their hands waiting their turn at the counter. 


I recently read The Travels of Marco Polo.  Altho it took place in 1276 to 1291 I found a number of things to be quite true today.  One item repeated a number of times thru out the book when referring to the people of the countries he passed thru was “The Mahometan inhabitants are treacherous and unprincipled” of course referring to Muslims.  Seven hundred years later our government still has not learned this lesson. 

I have watched  on TV  the movie “Hitchcock” .  Good movie.  It is mainly about when he was  making of his movie “Psycho”.  No doubt everyone has seen Psycho, but unless you saw it when it first came out in 1960 you would not realize the impact the 45 second shower scene had on film audiences.  In addition it spawned an entire product line of clear transparent shower curtains for women who after watching the movie did not want to be caught unaware.  The transparent shower curtains did not exist in the major market place before then.  My wife has insisted on one ever since seeing the movie 50 years ago.   

The Glorious Fourth, not everyone was off work.  In Delmar the Trash/recycle pickup person came by in the rain to pick up trash.


By noon it had turned into a nice day.  The smell of cooking out floated around Delmar on the Fourth , plus the sound of racecar engines on into the night.

We did go to the fireworks in Laurel, it almost felt cool that night compared to the heat we have been having. 

On Saturday I went to a cookout at my brother’s. 



On the way back I noticed these two bikers with women on the back that had bare shoulders.  They may have felt they looked cool but when those bikes stopped at the traffic lights the womens backs shook like jello from the vibration of bikes.  Instead of cool it was funny.

No change on the Chris Mills building.