Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Comments

The Delmar Maryland Commissioners will meet tonight, below is their agenda;
Should you be in Southern California this week they are expecting a major Grunion Run due to the Super moon we have been having.

The supermoon has also produced super arrests in Ocean City Friday and Saturday night.

Another fire damaged a house on East State Street on the Maryland side of town.  Estimated $95,000 worth of damage and it was one of the newer homes built in that area within the last fifteen years.

Delmar Heritage Day Celebration will be on September 20th.

The Town is installing utility Lines on Grove street in the area of Delmar Manor.  Work will be continue to Grove street until after school starts.

The people who lived in Mrs. Ellis house had the moving truck there this past week.  The house is up for sale.

This morning there was a little touch up work going on downtown;

and #5302 was sitting on tracks waiting to go someplace

Once again the United States can not stay out of Iraq.  This is the third time they are sending troops back in.  Even to me it is obvious no one knows what they are doing and how can you say you won the war the last two times when you are going back a third time.

I turned 71 this month and the most obvious things that have changed is I notice I tell people to go pound sand up their ass a little quicker then before and I notice the shadow people are getting closer.  You know those dim shadows you see out of the corner of eye and when you turn your head to look at them better  they are gone.  I guess when I get a good look at them it will be too late. Anyway 71 might be a prime number but it is not a prime age.

The amount of stealing that goes on from non-profits etc seem to be back on the rise.  Angela Taylor down in Accomack county was indicted on five counts of embezzlement for the girl scouts, cub scouts and boy scouts.  Brenda Malone was indicted for embezzlement of $70,000 from Lower Shore Enterprise. 

It was in the news that the Princess Anne Library was being used as a place prostitutes work from.  I thought all the traffic was just people enjoying books. 

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society has a project we call "Snapshot in Time" in which we are photographing all the houses and businesses in Delmar DE/MD.  We hope to determine the age of the house and whatever history we can find out about it.  So if you see a fat old man in the middle of the street taking a photo of your house relax he means you no harm.

The Grocery store out at Sandy Fork, East of Laurel,  has been removed.  I rode by it today and just dump trucks are there.  As you can see in the below photo. It was a handy way to tell people where the Sandy Fork area was.  When my children were young and we were leaving Trap Pond we would always stop off there for ice cream.

Our annual Miller-Hastings Family reunion came off very well at St. Georges church this past Saturday.  I think it was the 30th one.