Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Thursday Comments

The Delmar Delaware and Delmar, Maryland Planning and Zoning Commission will meet tonight at 7 Pm
Help Bring Tigger Home

        Last night I went to the Laurel Library where the League of Women Voters had a Candidate Forum for the four people running for the 5th District of the Sussex county council.  Those people are; Vance Phillips, Bob Wheatley, Rob Arlett, and Brad Connor.  There was a turnout of 60 or more people.  I even saw a couple of Delmar people there mainly Dr. Ring and Kathy Porter.  I found it to be an interesting two hours.  Thank you Laurel Library and the League of Women Voters.

  I would give more details of the meeting but if you were interested you would have been there.  After listening to them, I can say that there are only two actual candidates and they are Vance Phillips and Bob Wheatley.  One is a republican and the other is a democrat.  Hopefully neither are big on their parties as I view the actions of both the Republicans and the Democrats to be a disgrace to the United States.    The Primary election will be Tuesday Sept 9th.

Should you not remember; this October there will be an election for a Mayor and two council members on the Delmar Delaware side of town. Should you be interested in filing for one of those positions (and you should be) you will have to file by September 12th. You can only file for one office at a time. About the only requirement for filing is you have to be 18 years of age and a resident of the town for one year preceding the election.

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society is continuing their project to take a photo of all the houses in Delmar.  Taking the photo is but a quarter of the work involved in the project, the other part is to come up with a labeling process so we can Id the houses and develop a history on each one.  I was surprised that less than half the houses in Delmar have house numbers on them.  I am sure the emergency workers and volunteers find that as no surprise to them but it was to me.   Also judging from the "For Sale" signs half of Delmar is up for sale.  If anything would actually sell than most of Delmar would be available for sale.  Other than the noise I am not sure why that is.

I had competition on taking photos of houses yesterday as the Google maps vehicle was in town.

Who ever drives the vehicle is a fast moving driver.  The above photo is not good but there is a 6 foot tripod thing on top of the car that I guess takes the photo. 

and speaking of houses, this one at 403 North second St Delmar DE. is being advertised by the town for demolition. Demolition is one of the reasons we are trying to take photos so we will have an image of what was there before it is gone.

Again last week I attended another Funeral, this time it was Larry Esham, a school classmate of mine.  He was buried up at the Veteran cemetery north of Hurlock MD.

Larry went in the Army after High school and I went in the Air Force as it happens we both ended up on Okinawa in 1964/65, so we were able to get together some.  He was at Machinato army Camp before going to Nam.  Machinato was a phsy warfare camp and it was also the storage depot for all kinds of chemicals from agent Orange on up.  A bit of trivial; agent orange got it name from the orange stripe on the 55 gallon barrel that it was stored in.  There were other chemical defoliants that had different color stripes on their storage barrels and they were called agent pink, agent Green, agent purple etc.  Sort of like the names given to the characters in the movie "Reservoir Dogs."

Last week there was a film crew staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Delmar.  They were here to shoot some interviews with a family over in Frankford Delaware for the PBS series "Our American Family".  The series is about average American families in the 1900 to 1950 time frame so it is genealogy orientated.  One of the researchers, Michael Nolan,  had emailed me with a question about the area.  Because I put history items on my blog I get the occasional email with questions.  Anyway I had the chance to interview him for the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society fall Newsletter, so the interviewer got interviewed.

I am currently reading "Gumbo Limbo" by Tom Corcoran, a mystery book that takes place in Key West.  As is frequently the case with fiction about Key West there is so much travelog material in it that it doesn't make for a good book, but he did have this interesting take on post office mass shootings.  As you recall back a number of years ago  mass killing by postal workers were more popular than todays school shootings.  So it goes like this;
"Political Correctness Police. It's like this.  Three people, two guys and me, we take the post office job app test.  Each of us gets a ninety-five.  We all have equal chances of being hired.  But John Smith was in the military.  He gets an extra five points.  He gets hired before me.  Bill Jones is a Vietnam combat veteran with a Purple Heart.  He gets ten bonus points, and he gets my job.  Do that enough times, Alex, the post offices across the country are staffed by people trained in hand-to-hand combat, small arms, semiautomatic, and automatic weapons.  They got a problem, they solve it the way the government trained them, thirty years ago. "
and by the way Gumbo Limbo is a small tree that grows in Florida.