Monday, September 22, 2014

Yes The Delmar Library is Moving

The Delmar Library will close on October 2nd and stay closed until November 11th for them to move their 23,000 pieces of library stuff to a new temporary location out on RT13.  It is in the building  where Bullfeathers Auto Sound was.  They will stay in that location until the new library is built.


Delmar Heritage Day

Some photos of Delmar Heritage Day last Saturday as usual click on them to make them larger.

I arrived late and missed the tug-of-war between Delmar Maryland and Delmar Delaware out in State street on the state line but I understand Delmar Delaware won.
and yes a TV station (WBOC) sent by a reporter to interview and take pictures

Gary Horseman was there complete with stories.

Abe Lincoln, complete with band,  was there to give a little speech

Here Abe Lincoln is thanking Gary Horseman for voting for him in the 1864 election
The Bo Dickerson band was there.

The dashboard of a 1951 F150 Ford pickup (Bob Twilley).  I can remember when pickups had dirt on them but this isn't one of them.  Yes there was a car show

Linda Rigging's 1942 Dodge was there also