Monday, October 06, 2014

The Wedding

This weekend my wife and I went to a wedding in Bel Air Maryland.  It was at the Liriodendron  a Palladian-styled mansion.  If we did not have a GPS in the vehicle we never would have found it. 
It is however a great spot for a wedding.  The string quartet is Two Rivers Chamber Music and their web page is:

The people being married were Jonathan Dickerson and Kristin Voegtline.  Jonathan is the son of a cousin of mine. 
and here we see him waiting for his bride.
and there is Kristin with her mother, Linda.

They discovered one another on a on-line computer dating service.  Behind them are paper crane garland or chains.  I didn't try to count them to see if there were the traditional 1,000 but because folding a crane takes time, patience and understanding (qualities considered vital in a marriage) 1,000 hand folded cranes are considered good luck.

Jonathan's mother Miyoko is Japanese and about ten of her family and friends from Japan and Hawaii flew in for the wedding so the Yagi family was well represented.

Kristin has her PhD and is a postdoctoral research fellow at John Hopkins Bloombergs School of Public Health so the number of goats and sheep Jonathan had too come up with for her was high. 

and to add to the enjoyment; an open bar, hor's d hoerves, DJ, and food.

Great crab balls and drinks

This is Miyoko, she is a wild woman on the dance floor
Kristin is from Wisconsin and I remembered from my trips to Wisconsin all the posters advertising church dinners featuring  Lutefisk and Swedish meatball suppers
Lutefisk is the culinary equivalent of muskrat on the Eastern Shore.  But certainly she would not serve that at her wedding?
still this is the bride and groom wearing cheesehead hats

But we were safe it turned into a very nice dinner catered by Laurrapin,

a restaurant in downtown Havre de Grace.

while eating, deer came out of the woods and grazed on the lawn.
During the mother son dance Jonathan's father made his one point which everyone immediately forgot.
It was a great wedding. 

Weddings are almost always happy events, In the novel  "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" by Mitch Albom, the wife ( Marguerite) leads Eddie (the main character) thru a Heaven of weddings receptions because the receptions were filled with love and happiness which was her idea of Heaven.

Tonight the Delmar Delaware Council Meeting