Saturday, November 08, 2014

Delmar Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade


1937 C. C. C. Dance Invitation

In the 1930's the Civilian Conservation Corps were formed to give unemployed, unmarried men from relief families a job.  In addition to a job there was social events such as this dance in 1937 put on by Co 1295 of Camp MC 54 (Mosquito Control) which was 8 miles north east of Magnolia.  Delaware was the last state in the union to get CC Camps, it first one was not form until 1933.   About 11 camps were in Delaware and they employed an average of 400 men.  Not all camps were made up of young men, some World War One veterans were employed and their company number usually had a "V" after it.

Trivia Information

One of the more difficult task for a genealogist is that of reading and deciphering handwriting in old documents. Besides the fact that some handwriting is almost impossible to read, there were letters and letter forms used in “the olden days” that are no longer commonly used, if used at all.
Coupled with that problem is the lack of standardized spelling until close to the 20th century.

One letter or term that is often seen in old handwriting and continues today is the word or term “ye” as in “Ye Olde Tavern.” Quite often today this “ye” is used when an ambiance of colonial times is desired. Most pronounce the word as “yee.”
But this pronunciation is totally in error. It seems hard to fathom that the correct pronunciation is simple “the” — just as the word “the” is pronounced. Of course the first question is, “How on earth did they get ‘the’ out of ‘ye’?!?” Perhaps a bit of the history of the term will explain.

The letter form that became the “Y” was called a “thorn” and was probably derived from a rune, part of a runic alphabet used by Northern European or Germanic peoples until about the 1200s. It represented what is now our “th.” But when the printing press came into use, there was no sign or letter for the thorn, which resembles a lower-case “p” with the loop moved down to the middle of the vertical line.
The letter closest in appearance to the thorn was the “y,” which was often substituted for the thorn in printed material. Thus the “y” when used in this context was pronounced “th,” and when the letter e was added to it, the word became “the” in pronunciation.

Few people today even realize that the word is actually pronounced “the.”

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Election Day In Delaware

You know the slogan; "Get out there and vote", so go do it. 

The Delaware elections have some of the worst selections for candidates going this year.  I am sure once again the incumbents will be reelected as it seems to be a Delaware way.  I can't say any of the Delaware candidates;  State level, or county level are going to do anything for Delmar, as they all live in Northern Delaware or Laurel.  The same people who we have as Representative and Senator were part of the group that shut down the federal government because they couldn't do the job we sent then there to do, they are running again and in spite of not doing what they were send to Washington to do, will probably be reelected.

I will point out that altho Bob Venables has done a few things for Delmar, he has also used his weight and made veiled threats that if Delmar did not do his bidding there may be problems with bond money coming our way.