Monday, November 17, 2014

Gifts for the History and Genealogical Person

I know it’s only the middle of November, but the holidays are right around the corner. Retailers have had Christmas items on display since, well, back-to-school stuff went on clearance. And so I will mention to you some gifts for the Delmar history people.
The DHAS Calendar;
The 2015 Delmar Historical and Arts Society calendar costs $12.00 and is an excellent Christmas gift.  Please fill out the below information to order one.  If you desire it to be mailed to you or someone else there is an additional $4.00 for postage and handling.
Name of buyer________________
Deliver To: ___________________
Street address __________________
City, State, Zip _________________
Phone Number _________________
Email _________________________
Number of Calendars Purchased______________________
Mail order to DHAS, 34662 St. George Road, Delmar DE 19940 atten Chris Walter
Give a membership to the Delmar Historical and Arts Society.  Our membership runs from January to December and the rates are; Individual membership $24.00, Institutional membership $48.00, Life membership $200.00, Student and Senior (62 and over) $12.00.
Mail check with name and address and email address to DHAS, PO Box 344, Delmar DE 19940.
The Delmar Historical and Arts Society still have the Freeney-Hearne Cemetery book in black and white for $25.00.  $4.00 more postage and handling.  Mail check with name and address and email address to DHAS, PO Box 344, Delmar DE 19940
The DHAS memorial brick project offers an opportunity to commemorate the major events of life and honor those whose lives have ended.  The bricks are placed in the sidewalk in the downtown section of Delmar, Delaware.  A commemorative brick with a three-line inscription of 15 characters per line can be purchased for a $100 donation.  Please provide us with the following information;
Person Inscription – Max 15 characters including space per line;
First Line
Second Line
Third Line
 Send order to DHAS , 34662 St. George Road, Delmar DE 19940 Atten: Chris Walter
and for family tree research you can purchase from the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society the following books;
Click on photo for larger size to read.
Mail your check to LDGS, PO Box 3602, Salisbury MD 21802-3602

Monday comments

The Delmar Christmas parade is Dec 6 at 2pm follow this link for parade route and application to be in it.

This Wednesday at 7 PM at the
the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture at Salisbury University - Wayne and Powell Street Unit #190
, Tony Russo will speak to the Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society about his just released book "Eastern Shore Beer"

If that does not interest you on Wednesday night the 19th Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission will meet at 7 Pm, don't know why it has changed from their usual Thursday meeting.
You have until November 27th to purchase a ticket to the Delmar citizen of the Year award
We have had a number of deaths in Delmar of men who were active and living history books of "Old" Delmar.  Tommy Young has passed away.  Earl Hudson has passed away.  Gary Horseman has passed away.

An odd article about Delmar is below.  I have tried to do some research on Hester Cordroy but have come up with nothing.  But here is the article anyway.


Although 112 Years Old, She Lives alone, Nine Miles From Her Birthplace
Delmar, Del. – The eldest woman on the peninsular embracing Delaware and the eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia is a resident of Delmar.  She lives in a house by herself. She is Mrs. Hester Cordroy, aged 112 years, having been born on a farm nine miles to the east of Delmar on February 12th 1797.  The most remarkable part of it all is that this woman actually cultivates two large gardens adjoining her home and sells the products.  She uses a hoe in helping along the growth of potatoes, corn, onions, etc.  and when she become tired, she gets a large spoon from the kitchen and utilizes it while crawling down the rows of plants. 

Mrs. Cordroy, who is a familiar figure to all the residents of Delmar and vicinity, has ten great-grandchildren.  Upon the death of her second husband 43 years ago, she built a home in Delmar on a lot which she bought for $75.  This site is now worth $1000.  This has since been her home despite the attempts of grandchildren and great-grandchildren to dissuade her from living alone.
“Aunt Hester” as Mrs. Corduroy is known was the youngest child of Hamilton Neal , a wealthy farmer.  When 14 years old her mother died.  Leaving her and her father to run the farm.  She had 12 sisters all of whom married early in life and two brothers who were in the War of 1812.

The oldest woman on the peninsular tells graphically how she plowed all day, when a girl and then milked seven cows after dark.  “If the girls of today would do more work and think less of the parlor,”  she said “they would be healthier  and live longer.”
From The Red Cloud Chief, Nebraska, 15 July 1909

Something I had not given much observation  to until recently is most women seem to have a collection of odd earrings.  by that mean if one earring is lost they keep the leftover one.  Do they think the lost one will go searching for it's mate or just a wild hope they will someday come across that missing earring?

Walmart and Food lion have had "live" Christmas Trees for sale for the last week.  By Christmas those suckers will be so dry they should go up in flames. 

We purchased our Hayman sweet potatoes for thanksgiving last week

Christmas is right around the corner - get out there and shop people.

While picking up a few things at Family Dollar I was looking at those little calculators for a dollar.  Back when I was in college ,in the seventies, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal that said in a few years calculators would be sold at the super market in blister packs for under $10.   I found it hard to believe.  So at my first job at NCR Corporation in Millsboro I had a ten key adding machine and an electronic desk calculator (made by NCR) on my desk.  The calculator cost over a thousand dollars and we actually paid $150 a year for a maintenance contract on it.  Well within five years calculator costs were under a hundred and we gave up the maintenance contract on them and within another year tossed the original ones in the trash.  So now you pick up a calculator for a dollar that does more than the thousand dollar one, 40 years ago, and people under 40 do not believe there was a time when there was not calculators and people counted on their fingers and toes.

The number of TV shows I watch are getting less and less.  The network just seem to think that the average family in America is in love with queers and the sitcoms shows just have to have at least one in the show.  I enjoyed "The Millers" and this season they had to add a homo in it, so I dropped it.  Now the show is being cancelled so maybe I am not the only one out there who is sick of this.