Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Kwanzaa

Tuesday Delmar Photographs

A little worn, much like Delmar

Just a few more days until they return to school.  Notice the school is so politically correct they refuse to acknowledge the real reason for "winter" break which is Christmas .  pathetic - maybe Christians should withhold paying the school tax and let that large non-Christian population in Delmar foot the bill.

They have removed the sidewalk on the south side of the proposed drug store at Stateline Plaza.  as I recall they wanted a drive thru pickup on that side of the building. 

New spec construction across the street from the school.  I am sure they will like advertising across from the school and only a few block from a homeless shelter.

below is the land Perdue has bought.  Nothing is happening but a few stakes with orange ribbon on them on the Old stage Road side of the land
I heard they may be looking at having the entrance on Old Stage Road.  Should add another 100 cars a day hitting the Rt54 and RT13 intersection. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Comments

Christmas in Delmar

Downtown Delmar on Saturday December 26th.
The downtown area this year was pretty dismal as there were no Christmas decorations at all.  Last year there was evergreen trimming and bows but none this year.

I, my wife and daughters went to Vienna, Maryland prior to Christmas for the luminaries and tour of Vienna.  This event always amazes me.  Not only the sight of the whole town being marked out by 1,500 plus luminaries but the idea of that much town spirit to volunteer to make them and set them out.  The wind was low this year so we missed the excitement of luminaries blowing over and setting themselves on fire.  I understand the event is sponsored by the Vienna heritage Foundation with assistance from the Chicone Ruritan.  Big Thumbs Up to Vienna for their luminaries and house tours.

For the last ten days or so we have had unseasonal warm weather and rain.  Several basements are flooded in Delmar from the rain.   Our house has been uncomfortable sleeping at night due to the warm weather.  We had to break down and turn the air conditioning on for a couple of nights. 

Work is proceeding at the State Line Plaza on what I understand is a new pharmacy in Delmar.

 This week in The Guide; 47 legal notices for Delaware Sussex county applications for license to carry a concealed deadly weapon appeared.
In a seasonal time noted for it’s Christian charity and on a Sunday, I am faced with a potential homeless veteran shelter coming to Delmar.   I wrote some about this before in this blog when they appeared at the Planning and Zoning commission.  And for those who do not go to meetings, the October Mayor and Council meeting minutes are here Should you want to read what they first said at the council meeting

Again I still want to hear more about it, but at this moment I am against it.  Is there anything at the moment more politically incorrect then to be against homeless veterans?  No great surprise there as I seem to be the only one in Delmar who is willing to come forth and speak against something, and at times the only one who will get off his ass and attend a council meeting.

My summary of the Homeless Veteran shelter is the non-profit group wants to put from 1 to 5 homeless veterans, selected by the VA Administration, in a house on Grove Street for a period from 1 to 60 days.

The Veteran Affairs administration defines someone as a veteran who has been discharged from active military service under other than dishonorable conditions.    So someone like me would qualify as a veteran, with my one enlistment fifty years ago.
I simply am not interested in having a transit shelter in my neighborhood.  I would not go for a half way house, a tourist house, bed and breakfast etc.  The zoning code was set up to stop those kinds of establishments from being in a residential neighborhood.

Homeless veterans are no different from other homeless people.  Most have problems; either mental or substance abuse issues.  Even at the Planning and Zoning meeting the non-profit group talked about a guy or was cooking  meth in his house and caught the house on fire, becoming homeless, and because he had served an enlistment in the military, became a homeless veteran and was put in one of their homes.  Why would I invite such trash into my neighborhood?  Simply put; a bum is a bum regardless rather they served in the military. 
If you want to help a veteran give them a job and those who want to help themselves will have a way to do so.  All those previous administrations and present administration that sent blue collar jobs overseas giving veterans no job to enter into after being discharged created this problem. Vote for Donald Trump who will kick 11 million illegal immigrants out of this country, allowing 11 million jobs to open up that are currently being held by them. 



Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Comments


I went to the Planning and Zoning meeting last night.  The main item I was interested in was the proposed Homeless Veterans Shelter in Delmar, which will be about a block from me.  Delaware Center For Homeless Veterans (DCHV) 

is the group requesting to be in Delmar.  It is one of those non-profits that make their money from the Veteran Administration and Donations. 


They want to buy the house at 109 E. Grove and put 5 homeless veterans in it plus a house manager and a house tech(?).   They have two other facilities a 16 person facility and a 10 person facility.  Neither operates at the maximum number of people.  The operation in Delmar will house people for 1 to 60 days.  The people that go in it will be assigned by the Veteran Administration.  Their background will be unknown to us so they could be heroes or sex offenders.   There were four people from the organization with David Mosley (CEO) and Roger Bungy answering questions.   The Planning and Zoning commission recommended they go for a variance on the property as there is no zoning that permits this in Delmar.  They also said everything would be subject to what was said by the town of Delmar Delaware attorney.  My take is this will certainly decrease home property values in Delmar, Delaware.  If they come to town it is a toehold for other organizations like them to come to town.  Unless the House manager organizes projects of a community service nature they are not going to add a lot in the 60 days they are here.   On the other hand they will not be here long enough to become an organized voting bloc.

 This warmer than normal weather is going to take it’s toll on strawberries, apple and peach trees and flowering trees.  No chance of killing off bugs, weeds and diseases in crops.  In a normal winter trees form buds in the fall that remain dormant through the winter months and become leaves in the spring, this warm weather has caused the buds to swell and if it continues the fruits trees will start to bloom and if a freeze comes along will destroy any fruit it may have produced  The effect on the Cherry trees in Washington Dc should also be interesting this year.  They will either bloom way early or start to form buds and then freeze.
 I usually judge my winter forecast by the number of walnuts my black walnut tree produces.  This year it was less than half of last years crop so that say it should be a mild winter.  However my neighbor base her weather forecast on her holly tree which was cover in berries this year so she is saying it is going to be a cold winter. 

 This year I have done a little Christmas buying over the internet.  It is convenient to some degree but one of the side effects is my anti virus software has been picking up Trojan type viruses all over my computer.  Plus my computer has slowed down from pop up ads that appear for everything I have looked at.


Photo Margaret Smith
Another piece of trash walked free in Delaware when Rondaige Harper was allow to escape justice for helping in retaining a 89 year old woman (Margaret Smith)  in the trunk of a car for two days in 2013.   The two females with him got jail sentences but due to technicalities Rondaige got away with it. The fourth person, Phillip Brewer, had plead guilty but since Rondaiges got away with has since changed his plea to not guilty.

This week in the Sussex guide 70 people filed legal notice that they were going to file for a concealed weapon permit.  Gun sales are up.

a clever idea for a book holder or recipe holder

Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Comments

Tomorrow in Delmar is the Artisan fair.  Hand made items food etc will be available

I went to the Delmar Delaware Council meeting last Monday to listen to the first reading to release the annexed land Perdue is buying.  They say it is because the original paperwork specified a number of things that were related to a casino and it was best to remove them for simply an office building.  I understand Perdue has purchased the land.  The land will still be within the town limits.

There is some talk of a homeless shelter for veterans being made at a residence on Grove St. in Delmar.  It may be the best use for the property as the noise made by trains, racetracks and fire whistles certainly is a problem when you try to sell a house in this area.  I am not sure what effect noise will have on veterans.  I also don't know how anyone is going to verify they are veterans or just run of the mill homeless people.  It could be by calling it a homeless veteran home it is just gathering sympathy for something it won't be.


A photo from the past.  In the 1960's this is Doyle Lovett entering Ruark's store on Snow Hill Road.  As I recall Ruarks was about where the bypass and Rt12  intersect.

I finally mailed some Christmas cards which called for buying stamps as I was paying the price for them I mentioned I could recall only paying two cents a stamp at one time - he just looked at me as tho he had heard there about five times a day.  

I had always thought these personal drones people are playing with would be a pain in the ass at some point in time.  Now someone has mounted a flamethrower on one.  the person had previous mounted a firearm on one.   
Interestingly the Bureau of alcohol Tobacco and firearms (BATF) has determined that flame projectors are not firearms. They are somewhat like airguns, but there is no specific license requirements to own, transport or use a flame projector.  Since they have use in agriculture the feds don not regulate them. 

in the 1970's when flying was still enjoyable 


"Come, spouse of Christ." Used during the profession of nuns in the Catholic church 

The tumblr site "Cold hands warm heart" is a very enjoyable site for Christmas, winter, and autumn photographs  it is located here
there are of course a ton of other tumblr sites but I favor that one 

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sunday Comments

Sunday Morning always a great peaceful time

There is a Delmar Delaware council meeting tomorrow night.  Two interesting things; first the audit report on the town and the second is the 17 acres that I think Perdue is going to build on. 

It looks like the town may be removing it from the town limits which means we will lose the taxes paid on the land or perhaps I misunderstand what is written on the agenda.  Why would they do that?

The land in question is the gray area above the words meadow Branch which happens to 17 acres.

Another shooting.  Again Obama refuses to say Islam or Muslim instead he is back on gun control.

 Remarkable to me that 600 people were in the building and no one had a gun to defend themselves - that gun control for you. 

We know how well outlawing drugs have worked, and outlawing any firearm isn't going to work,  and yesterday we celebrated another foolish law that was repealed called prohibition. 

and in the Sussex Guide 17 more people listed a legal notice that they were going to file an application to carry a concealed deadly weapon

I recently bought a bottle of wine from “How Sweet It Is.”  They have quite a selection now – for a produce stand.  I like sweet red wine and I refuse to pay over $10 a bottle for it actually more along the lines of $5, anyway this wine is a South African wine, called “Natural Sweet Red” by Robertson Winery at $9 a bottle (750ml).  It is a good wine sweet, no aftertaste like some red wines gives.  I would buy it again.  The one draw back is it come in a short (10")squat lightbulb shape bottle which may not fit on your wine rack, however it may fit well upright on your cupboard shelve.. It can also be purchased at the Wicomico County liquor outlets at about $8 a bottle.

Sunday Supper

If you live or lived in Northern Europe besides the dangers of being shot by Muslims, you would have put your shoes outside last night to find them filled with chocolate candy by St Nicholas this morning.  If you were bad his sidekick Black Peter (Politically Incorrect) would fill them with coal.  Speaking of politically incorrect  when looking for a photo to go with this bit of information I put in Bing the search term "Chocolate in shoe December 6th"  one result was a black guy putting on shoe. 

an interesting website is Think squad  covers a range of politically correct topics

White Privilege

A Sikkimese woman carrying a British man on her back, West Bengal, India, c. 1900
We all know service in retail stores generally suck and those of us who are old, we can remember when people knew what they were doing when they waited on you.  I wear a hat - not a baseball cap - an actual hat.  When I go to a department store to look and try on hats for some reason they never have a mirror in the hat area to see how it looks on you.  even the sunglass racks have mirrors - but for some reason the hat area doesn't and the shoe area and the  tie area doesn't. 
When I first married I would go shopping with my wife - definitely young and dumb - I caught on and dropped doing that but when she would go to Benjamins for a dress, she would try it on in a dressing room - an actual room not a stall.  The room had a number of mirrors and saleswomen from the different departments - underwear, jewelry, hats, shoes, coats etc would drift in with items that would match the dress.  They knew what they were doing.
It use to be when you went to the men's department the clerk would have a cloth tape measure draped around his neck and would measure your arm length or neck size or inseam for what ever piece of clothing you were looking for.  Forget it, most clerks don't even know what a cloth measuring tape.