Monday, February 23, 2015

Delmar School District Referendum

Tuesday night at 7 PM Dr. David Ring will have an informational meeting about his referendum for school improvements and an operational budget increase in the school district office/meeting room.  If you live in the Delmar Delaware school district this will be your money he will be asking for so you might as well attend and find out why he wants your money.  So stop looking at cute pictures of bunny rabbits and get out there and protect your money.

There is also a "regular" meeting tonight.  One of the things picked up from Exceptional Delaware

is this which I will merely copy from that site;

The Delmar School District Board of Education is considering a parent opt out resolution like the one Capital School District’s Board passed last October.  This resolution would allow a parent to opt their child out of the state assessment, currently the Smarter Balanced Assessment, without any penalty or punishment to the student.
If you are in the area, and would like to support this school board, please attend their meeting tomorrow night, February 23rd and give public comment to support this resolution.  Or you can email their board at the following email addresses:
Shawn Brittingham, President:
David Burton, Jr., Vice-President:
Thomas Elliott:
Jason Coco:
Farrah Morelli:

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