Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's back - School redistricting and another referendum

Once again Wicomico County school board is looking at redistricting the Delmar School district.  They do this about every 8 to 10 years and each time it creates a riot from the parents - sometime the parents think they won the fight but in the end the school board always wins because they have time on their side.

So will this draw attention away from the Delaware Delmar School district referendum election on March 10th. and Dr Rings referendum will sail thru with only 10 or so people actually voting?

For the Wicomico County people there is a meeting about the redistricting proposal on Wednesday at 6:00 PM in the Delmar Fire Department.   And Wicomico County Public Schools will hold four information and input meetings on the proposals:
- Tuesday, February 10th at Salisbury Middle School at 7:00 PM
- Thursday, February 12th at Delmar Elementary at 7:00 PM
- Tuesday, February 17th at Pittsville Elementary and Middle at 7:00 PM
- Thursday, February 19th at Fruitland Intermediate at 7:00 PM

Back in Delaware Dr. Ring would like to add to my taxes and the one eyed jack, Governor Markell, would see to see I have a little less deductions on my taxes.  Naturally I will be voting against the referendum.

From WBOC;  - Don't know which date is correct March 10 or March 3rd but we should find out soon enough.

DELMAR, Del. -  Homeowners in the Delmar School District hold the fate of a possible tax increase in their own hands.  The school district will be holding a vote on the referendum in early March that could increase taxes by about $60 for average homeowners.

The first tax increase to be decided on would help fund the replacement of the roof and renovations at the Delmar Middle School and High School.  The plan calls for an increase of about $19.50 a year for the average home owner.  Over the 20 year life of the tax, the rate would decrease.

The second proposed increase would be permanent and that would be roughly $40 more a year for the average Delmar homeowner.  That increase would be used to fund the general operation of the district, including classroom materials and staff salaries.

Some owners say it is an easy price to pay when it comes to helping the schools and local children.

"My kids aren't in there anymore but they went there and they gave them a good education and I want that education for other kids to have it.  As long as the high school is here, as long as everything is going well, as long as our schools are going well, then the town goes well," said David Hudson of Delmar.
Casandra Kirbow of Delmar also said she would agree to the new tax because in the long run it would benefit her young son.  "He doesn't start school until three years from now, but still, at least he'll get a better education than what most kids are getting around here."
Others WBOC spoke with in Delmar believe an extra $60 a year will add up quickly and when the vote is held, they will be casting their vote against any tax increases.
The vote on the referendum will be held on March 3rd in Delmar and the polls will be open inside the district board road from 10 am to 8 pm.

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