Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Bankruptcy Filing of the Golf Club At Briar's Creek

Those who read this blog know that I am nosy person.  One of the things I like to look at on-line is bankruptcy filings.  That is if they are available free of charge and I don’t have to pay for them, I am nosy but I am also cheap.  Recently the upscale Golf Club at Briar’s Creek, about 30 miles outside of Charleston, South Carolina, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, with $1.56 million in assets and $37 million in debts.  You can see that filing here;

Now Briar Creek Golf Club has about 210 members, with a refundable initiation fee of $100,000, recently dropped from $160,000, annual dues of $11,700, and a $1,000 annual food minimum at the club house. It has about 50 employees.   It is a tad more expensive than Wood Creek. 

The filing has a number of interesting things in it, such as individuals / members who owe money to the club. 

Itemized equipment and furniture is out on page 16, and Out on Page 129 is the wines owned by members that are held on premise for their use – estimated at $40 a bottle - and not a bottle of Gallo, Ripple or MD20/20 in the list - God knows, don't those people take sipping wine  with them when they are on the golf course..


 Anyway if you were interested in how much money it takes to run a golf club you might want to read this filing. 

Let me also mention Document Cloud
It is used by newspaper writers to store large public documents they reference in their articles.  You can search and read a large number of public documents .  A search of Delmar Delaware brings up a couple of redacted documents for the Delmar police Department, you can search your name, you even search some genealogical information.  Nothing is secret anymore.

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