Friday, February 13, 2015

Trivia Information For Friday

Cambridge American Cemetery is one of fourteen permanent military cemetery memorials established on foreign soil by the American Battle Monuments Commission to honor the dead and missing in action of World War II. It covers 30.5 acres and was established as a temporary military cemetery in 1943 on land donated by the University of Cambridge. The site was later selected as the only permanent American World War II military cemetery in the British Isles and was dedicated on July 16, 1956. There are 3812 interments of American servicemen and women.

Each headstone is hand washed three times a week.  If the staff is aware a family member or family representative is coming to see a particular grave on a specific day they wipe moist sand into the inscription on the grave marker and the memorial wall to highlight the casualty details. The sand comes from the Omaha Beach where so many American casualties fell on D-Day 1944.

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