Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday - 2015

Yes Today is Palm Sunday.  Christians are marking it by holding Palm fronds.  Some fronds will be shaped into a cross.   Supposedly 2000 years ago believers waved fronds at Jesus when he returned to Jerusalem.

One, of many things I have an interest in, is the business side of selling religion.  It is a niche market but apparently a good one.  Beyond the vacation bible School kits being sold, there is also the palm frond sales for palm Sunday.  Palm fronds run about 3 to 5 dollars each, palm strips about 20 cents each, and palm crosses are about a dollar each (no doubt made by children in third world countries).

Some places selling palms fronds are

as with anything there seems to be a discussion about eco-friendly gathering of palm fronds and just mass cutting everything in sight. 

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