Monday, March 09, 2015

Snow Chains

I noticed during the last and hopefully last snowstorm the post office delivery vehicle had this type of snow chain on.

Back when I use to use snow chains (back in the 70's) I recall how effective they were as long as you were driving on snow.  Once you hit clear road they bounced you around all over the place.  What a pain they were to put on, you would end up laying in the snow trying to get them to line up on the tire and tighten enough so they wouldn't slide loose.  The post office ones however look really tight on the tire but of course they have money to burn so they can afford the best.  Much like the school district they just raise the rates.

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Ray said...

Howard, even though they have these, it seems that they are scared to go up peoples lane to deliver mail after snow plows eat my mailbox. Mail went to Laurel (of course) and it took me three days to get my stuff.