Friday, March 27, 2015

Some Friday Comments

Rain will it never end?  My yard is a mud hole.

I stopped by Mason Dixon Auction today to look at what is for sale tonight.  As you know he lets people preview the items starting at noon, auction starts at 4 PM and furniture is sold at 9:30.  There is this really large bell there tonight which looks interesting.

Their website is at

As everyone in town has noticed the Boulevard Beer/ Cheers convenience store has a name change to Corner Market.
When the weather permits, I have been leaning toward walking the railroad tracks for my morning walks
work has been going at the water wells
Well 3A is be worked on
Well 3A is 143 feet deep, which puts it in the Columbia aquifer. This well can draw 750 GPM. 
You may remember it from this post I did in 2007 on the water plant

We are currently using Well 2A which is 205 feet deep which puts it in the Manokin Aquifer. It can pump 1,000 GPM.

I see where Gordy's Pub ( GP of Seaford, LLC) has applied for a taproom and Sunday license.  If anyone wants to object, and I don't know why you would since they have been there a while now, you can file your protest with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner.

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