Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Higher Taxes For Delmar

Last night at the Delmar Joint Council Meeting the first reading of the budget for each town was read.  Altho the Delmar Maryland side of town cut it close with only three elected people (Ring was missing and there is an unfilled position) both sides passed the resolution to accept their respective  budgets.  There was not a spot for public comment on the agenda.  Only four people were in the audience to listen to the increased tax rates.  Since you were not interested in attending I won't bother you with telling you how much more you will be paying this summer when the tax bills come out.

Carrie Williams of the Friends of the Delmar Library made a pitch to the mayors and council people to buy a brick from the library to help with their capital library campaign to add on to the existing library.  Frankly I am tired of hearing about fundraisers for the library.  No activity has occurred at the old library to show that any construction is going to take place.  They moved out to the temporary location back in October and still nothing is happening at the old library.

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