Tuesday, April 14, 2015

RMS Titanic Hits iceberg Today

This evening the RMS Titanic in 1912 will hit an iceberg and on April 15th will sink.

Maj. Arthur Peuchen, first class passenger: Sunday evening I dined with my friends, Markelham Molson, Mr. Allison and Mrs. Allison; and their daughter was there for a short time.  The dinner was an exceptionally good dinner.  It seemed to be a better bill of fare than usual, although they are all good.  After dinner my friends and I went to the sitting-out room and had some coffee...I then went to the smoking room and joined Mr. Beatty, Mr. McCaffery and another English gentleman who was going to Canada.  We sat chatting and smoking there until probably twenty minutes after 11, or it may have been a little later than that.  I then bid them a good night ... I had only reached my room and was starting to undress when I felt as though a heavy wave has struck our ship ... Knowing that it was calm night and that it was an unusual thing to occur on a calm night, I immediately put my overcoat on and went up on deck.  As I started to go through the grand stairway I met a friend who said "Why, we have struck an iceberg..."

From "The Titanic Disaster Hearing: the official transcripts of the 1912 Senate Investigation" Edited by Tom Kuntz

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