Monday, April 27, 2015

The Up Coming Delmar School Board Election

On May 12th there will be an election for the school board.  It is a five year term.  Currently the school board seat is held by David Burton.  Two people have filed to run for election for that school board seat; Becky Neubert and Ray Vincent. 
Filing information with the board of elections;
 Becky Neubert 36323 Mt. Herman Circle., Delmar DE. 19940 Date Filed: 03/06/2015 
Raymond T. Vincent Jr. 14418 Arvey Rd., Laurel DE. 19956 302-875-5707 Date Filed: 03/06/2015 Email
I contacted Ray Vincent and asked him a couple of questions about why he wants to run for the school board.  When he filed he gave an email and phone number so getting in touch with him was no problem.  Becky Neubert however was another issue.  I was unable to find a phone number nor email address for her.  I wrote her a letter asking her the same questions as Ray Vincent, as of this morning I have received no reply. 
Frankly I don't know why anyone would run for public office and not have a way for the public to contact them.
So the questions I asked Ray Vincent and his answers are below:
What is your background?

Ø  Served as President of The Foundation for Delmar Education for three years. In that time we have raised over $130,000 that has been distributed to the faculty and staff of both Delmar Middle and Senior High School and Delmar Elementary School. These funds have helped our teachers provide enhanced instructional opportunities to all students in the Delmar community.

Ø  Owner and General Manager of Vincent Farms, Inc. since 1978. We raise vegetables, grain, and beef cattle. We employ 15 people year round, and about 200 on a seasonal basis. We also operate a retail irrigation business that provides goods and services to other local farmers.

Ø  1982 graduate of Laurel High School

Ø  1986 graduate of Clemson University with a B.S. in Agricultural Economics

Ø  My six children have attended Delmar. The youngest one will graduate in June of 2016.


Why do you want to be on the school board?


Ø  As my children have gone through the Delmar School District, I have come to realize what a special community we have. Delmar is a true community school and hence, provides a unique public school educational experience. I would like to help that continue to be available to the students and families of our town.

What do you hope to accomplish while on the school board?


Ø  I will use my 35 years of business experience to help find creative and workable solutions to overcome the increasing pressure being put on Delmar’s budget by increased State and Federal regulation and increased operating costs. There does come a time when a referendum is warranted, but only after all other avenues are exhausted.

Ø  Recruitment and retention of the best teachers available. Our children deserve nothing less. Delmar is a desirable place to work, and it is critical for that to continue.

Ø  I will support the continued use of a SRO (school resource officer). Our schools must be a safe place to learn and work.

Ø  The current Bi-State agreement that Delmar operates under with Wicomico County will be up for review in 2019. I will work to ensure that Delmar children will continue to be educated in the Delmar School District.

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clnn3nkk said...

Do you know why the Laurel Star has the election as cancelled in May 7 edition?