Saturday, June 06, 2015

D Day 1944

Salisbury Times June 6 1944

From Salisbury Times June 7 1944

Salisbury Times June 20 1944
Salisbury Times June 21 1944
B-26 bomber With D Day Invasion Stripes
In order for the allied forces to recognize their own planes and not shoot them down it was decided to paint white and black bands on the wings.  They were called D-day invasion stripes.  To keep it secret the order to paint the stripes was not given until June 3rd.  in the next two days two thousand transport aircraft, 870 gliders, 2,500 fighter planes and 700 medium bombers had stripes painted on them. As it turned out it was a waste of paint as there was no German Air Force left.  As we know from varies war movies only three German aircraft made a pass at the invasion force.

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