Monday, June 01, 2015

Some Monday Comments

There is a meeting tonight.
 There is a Heritage Day yard sale coming up

Yard Sale !!! Delmar Heritage Day Community Yard Sale Fundraiser. Sat. July 11th from 7 am to Noon. State Street Park.... $15.00 for a 12' by 12' space. Look for form in upcoming newsletter. Go to PDF Uploads for a copy of the newsletter that has all the detailed info inside. Clean out your closets/garages and get together at State Street Park and make some money. Deadline for payment and application is Wed. July 8th.See you There!!!
The Short's Funeral Home business is going great guns.  I will say with the crematorium along side my house it has reduced the number of BBQ we have in the back yard - just something about cooking meat in the yard and next door they are cooking too.

I went to the Gary Horseman estate auction last week.  Actually I arrived before the auction and just looked at the stuff and left. Gary had said he had certain items of historical interest to me but the family must have decided to keep them as I did not see them.  I was also turned off by the 13 % buyers add on.  Everyone around is just trying to screw you over someway.  Anyway Gary's stuff looked pretty much like all the other "old" people stuff that is auctioned off so I left as I am trying to get rid of stuff not accumulate more.

They had a 5 K run in Delmar yesterday, actually most people seem to have walked it.  I sit on my front porch drinking a beer and watched them walk/ run over by the railroad track.
The above young thing stood in the sun in the middle of the street for an hour or so stopping traffic for the runners.

A week or so back my wife and I were out at Subway.  Now subway service varies.  Almost every time we go there, there is a new person in training so the sub is questionable.  They are always young and look down when they talk to you as tho they are scared to look you in the eye and they mumble in a low voice.  Since I am totally deaf in one ear and can barely hear out of the other ear I have to ask them to repeat everything a couple of times before I get my order in.  Anyway that is one issue there, the one I had mean to mention was this young girl who came up to two other girls in front of us in the line and started talking.  She said she was having a great year, new job, new house, and she was pregnant for a while but that was too much trouble so she got an abortion and told her "man" about it after the fact.   Now it is immaterial what your opinion is of abortion, it is the fact that "Susie Shackup" was talking about it in a voice that was loud enough that even I could hear her.  Now I assume since my wife and I are old we have moved into the category of "non-person", much the way waiters and waitresses are treated, who hear your conversation in a restaurant.  They are non-people and don't count in your world.  Abortion is personal thing and altho I think you should never be ashamed of what you do in life there is no reason to announce that news in a Subway.   Also I think it is interesting the number of people who are against abortion but support the United States in the bombing of middle east countries. 

By the way I put most of my historical articles and comments over on the Delmar historical and Arts Society blog located her;

The tour of Green Hill Church was successful
Bill Nelson gave a very interesting talk on the history and construction of the church.
while this tombstone was being explained a small black snake crawled out from under it
which created a slight panic until the snake crawled back under it. Click on photo to enlarge it
you will notice after that everyone has stepped back away from the stone and the talk continued.  The tombstone was cut in the 1700's in New England and the company that cut it is still in existence.

After a bad start my garden is finally starting to come alive.  Some seed I have had to put down three times before it was warm enough for them to germinate.  It was just a cool rainy spring.  The blackberry canes however have a large number of blossoms on them and should be a great harvest if I can get them before the birds and wasps get them. 

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