Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Morning Walk and Comments

It is hot and Delmar is filled with paving machines and disrupted traffic patterns.  The good news is this should be completed this week.  Compared to South Salisbury RT13 these people are moving at supersonic speed.
They parked about a million dollars worth of machinery over by the tracks this past weekend so Sunday I was looking at some it.

so if you don't want someone looking in your trailer you just park a roller in front of the door.
although obvious when you think about it, the tires on the equipment had about an inch build up of tar and stone.

with the rain I have weeds.  They grow faster than the vegetable's.

I have no idea how accurate the numbers are from "now you kno" but it does sound reasonable.  The government in their push to show job growth are allowing companies such as WalMart and Sam's Club to lay off full time workers and replace them with two "less than 20 hours a week" workers.  The result is the government can show a new job filled and walmart does not  have to provide benefits to the 20 hour a week worker.  Of course the worker can't survive off the pay for 20 hours a week so they end up at a fast food restaurant to supplement their income. 

and while I am on the subject of Walmart doesn't it gripe your ass about their "made in America tv commercials"? The store has 90 percent of their products for sale made outside the USA and they are advertising they sell Bounty paper towels because they are made in the USA.  Bullshit.

The photo is not the best but what it is, is an 8 year old drummer boy confederate army civil war uniform.  Rt54 Bargain outlet has it for sale at $1,150 but I think they will take less. It is kind of spooky looking in the frame.  There are some blood spots on the uniform.  Oral history alleges the boy was the grandson of a General Roberts out of Texas, the people at RT54 Bargain outlet can tell you more.   

New building is going on across the street from me.  This is the same property where the house burnt a couple of years back and the same people that worked on that house are working on this one. 

and since I have not shown a picture of the improvements on the Chris Mills building down town I thought I would put this in.  What you don't see any improvements? And I doubt you will be seeing any improvement.  I had thought he was going to put vinyl siding up over the plywood but apparently in Delmar Delaware you don't have to worry about standards as the Mayor and council have said they are not going to bother the guy.

The above is the separation paper of Major Clark Gable from the Army in 1944.  Note that it is signed by Capt. Ronald Reagan.


Randie Hovatter said...

Someday when I win the lottery I'll buy the Lecates building, turn it into a day spa with cocktails and rename it the Howard Dickerson Building.


Howard said...

Thank You Randie and please fly a confederate flag from the building just to piss off the politically correct.