Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Comments

Perhaps one of the nicest front yard garden arrangements is this house in Colonial Mill Estates on the Maryland side of town.  The photo does not do it justice.
I am a great fan of wild yarrow and Queen Anne's Lace.  This is growing over on York street.  I always have trouble telling the two apart.  Queen Anne lace is more of an umbrella shape flower whereas yarrow tends to be flat topped but you always come across that odd yarrow that looks rounded on top.


My poor corn is stumbling along.  I didn't expect much from it due to where I planted it but it has tasseled.

Speaking of stumbling I stumbled across this on the internet, the gravestone of Louisa Alcott.  I had been to her graves years ago and it was in similar condition with pencils, notebooks, stones etc around it. Writers write but I don't expect to see a hand come out and grab a pencil then disappear back into the ground. Interestingly the grave of Benjamin Franklin has pennies tossed on it.
 A penny saved is a penny earned.

our cats are staying low in the heat of the day under plants and bushes.

Obama spends $600K on new White House dining room the day after the administration announced they’re cutting 40,000 troops for budget reasons.
The old Doctor's building located on St. Stephen's property was being power washed today.  I think they are getting ready to paint the building.  In his yellow hooded raincoat and goggles he reminds you of one of the minions.

This house by Jewell and Bi-state has a continuous turnover of occupants.  About a month ago two plain clothes state troopers were there with their guns and clip board.  I guess they were trying to serve a warrant.  This week when I walked by it had a pile of household trash etc so I guess the owners cleaned it out after the last occupant left. 


Dr. LeCates house is up for sale .  Listed as a foreclosure at $51,500.  5 bedroom 2 baths was operated as 2 apartments, and not in the best condition.  The same as the house across the street that is up for sale it is located between two sources of noise in Delmar - the fire department on the east and the rail road on the west, thrown in the racetrack which tonight has been roaring away past 11 pm and your best hope for buyers are deaf people. Built in the 1930's this house on the corner of Second and Grove Street, belonged to Dr. Howard Elward Lecates. He had his office on one side of the building and his home on the other side. It has been a duplex rental property for a number of years. .

Dr Lynch, whose office was on the other end of the block, had the lion share of business in that time period. I have been told it was because he had easy payment terms versus Dr Lecates who usually wanted payment after he provided services. On July 19, 1945 Dr. Lecates decided, for reasons unknown, to kill himself and stepped out in front of a passing train in Delmar. It worked. Since he was a Doctor I would think he would have come up with a less painful way to died than stepping out in front of a train.

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