Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Hand Me Down My Walking Cane

As I have gotten older I find a walking cane is very helpful on those morning walks.  As I walk around Delmar I feel fairly safe - except for some parts of the Maryland side of town.  Now the cane started out as a aid in walking and a defense weapon.  I have been looking at some "improvements" to my cane that might be useful. 
There's always the sword cane.  But I think I would hurt myself trying to get it out and use it.
There is the cane stun gun and at $89 or so, it is not a bad deal - no doubt made in China.  One million volts at your finger tips.

and there are versions of cane guns such as http://www.micksguns.com/cane%20guns.htm

and Boris Palatnik  Co2 generated gun   http://borispalatnik.com/CaneGun_BCG.htm

but there are plans out there in the internet world to convert a single shot 410 into a walking cane.  There may be problems and issues with the National Fire Arm act, BATFE,  concealed weapons etc  
but weighed against getting your ass kicked take your chances.

Wow talking guns and have a Confederate Flag on the blog I know I must be on Obama 's radar.

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