Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Illegal immigration - Why Make The Law If You Don't Enforce It?

Since President Obama has been in office about 2.5 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States.  Hillary Clinton said she would do Obama one better and work toward giving illegal immigrants full and equal citizenship.  There are about 11 million illegal immigrants in the United State.  There are many areas the illegals influence, one of them is the reapportionment of House of representatives seats.  Since 1911 there has been 435 voting members,  The house voted for this number to remained fixed.  Every ten years when the census is made the reapportionment of seats in each state change.  Some states gain additional representatives due to increased population and when one state gains another state has to lose a representative.  Since the number of representatives in a state is determined by population and the illegals are counted in the census there are three states (California, Texas, and Florida)  that have gained representatives to the determent of New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois.    http://www.census.gov/population/apportionment/files/1940-2010%20seat%20change%20by%20state.pdf

and is that one reason for "Sanctuary Cities", where illegals can gather creating a population boom and more representatives in congress so the cities can influence voting for more pork to come their way?

In 2010 each member of the U. S. House of representatives represented an average population of 710,767. 

In states with high illegal immigrants, who are not allowed to vote, only about 60,000 votes are required to elect a representative.  In low illegal immigrants states it take about 101,000 votes to win an election. The effect is states with more voting power will get bills passed that normally the rest of the country would not vote for.  Also the representatives from those states only represent about 60% of the population in their district, since the other 40% are illegals and have no legal say in matters. 

But Delawareans can have no fear, our one representative has been 'one' since the beginning of the United States.  With our estimated population of 935,614 in 2014 of which about 30,000 are illegals we are not apt to add another representative anytime soon. Altho Markell would like to see us a Sanctuary State so illegals would flock in and the population will show an increase I don't see Delaware getting another representative out of the deal. 

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