Monday, July 20, 2015

Iowa - On The Road

From NPR On The Road
Iowa is crawling with reporters this time of year. But only the lucky ones are riding bikes.
It’s a tradition that began more than four decades ago, shortly before Jimmy Carter turned the Iowa Caucuses into the starting line of the presidential race. Clever columnists from the Des Moines Register hatched the idea for a bike ride that would span the width of their state. Since then, the Register’s Annual Great Bike Across Iowa–or RAGBRAI–has grown into the oldest, largest, and longest bike tour in the country.
Thousands of riders will make the trip this year, covering 462 miles from Sioux City in the west to Davenport in the east. Along the way, they’ll climb nearly 16,000 feet (Who says Iowa is flat?) fueled by pork chops, sweet corn, and homemade pie, cheerfully served up in church basements and high school gyms all along the way.
It’s a big slice–a la mode–of summer in the nation’s heartland. And the No Pie Refused (NPR) cycling team wants you to come along.
Your guides on this two-wheeled adventure are NPR White House Correspondents Tamara Keith and Scott Horsley, Science Correspondent Joe Palca, and Business Editor Les Cook.
You won’t find any poll numbers here. And any candidate sightings will be purely accidental. But if you want to see some beautiful Iowa countryside, friendly people, and one of the quirkiest rolling fiestas you’ve ever witnessed, strap on your digital bike helmet and come along.
There is a team of NPR reporters and editors cycling through Iowa for RAGBRAI. Catch up on the No Pie Refused crew’s adventures by following NPR On The Road-Emily

There is also an interesting tumblr about towns in Iowa called Forgotten Iowa in which they try to visit and photo 947 towns in Iowa the url is

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