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Obama Drugs Offenders and Illegals

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama commuted the prison sentences of 46 drug offenders, saying in a video posted online Monday that the men and women were not "hardened criminals" and their punishments didn't match the crimes they committed
The White House on Monday posted a letter Obama wrote to each of the 46 men and women whose sentences were commuted.
He wrote a letter to each saying;
"I am granting your application because you have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around," Obama wrote. "Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity. It will not be easy, and you will confront many who doubt people with criminal records can change. Perhaps even you are unsure of how you will adjust to your new circumstances. But remember that you have the capacity to make good choices."
He was able to take the time to write these 46 a letter but the family of Kathryn Steinle has heard nothing from him.  Steinle was killed by an illegal alien, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez in San Francisco earlier this year.  He had no problem to quickly contact the family of Michael Brown who was killed while charging a police officer in Ferguson Missouri.  Could it be our racist President decided a white woman, who was killed while walking in a popular tourist spot with her family, did not compare to a black person shot while being arrested?  You damn right that is the reason.

Res ipsa loquitur
Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is an example of the illegal aliens being release in "Sanctuary Cities" that decline to work with immigration.  Delaware is also trying to pass a bill not to work with immigration law enforcement.   From the Delaware House of Representative newsletter;
The national controversy over the apparent murder of a San Francisco woman by an illegal immigrant is shedding light on a proposed Delaware law.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an undocumented Mexican felon who was in the U.S. illegally, has been charged in connection with the death of Kate Steinle.  The 32-year-old victim was shot while walking along San Francisco's scenic waterfront.

The facts of the case have been widely reported.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials had Lopez-Sanchez in custody in March but transferred him to San Francisco authorities to be prosecuted on a drug charge.   Lopez-Sanchez had multiple felony convictions and was deported from the U.S. on five previous occasions.

ICE reportedly filed an "immigration detainer" asking San Francisco authorities to inform them before releasing Lopez-Sanchez after his prosecution.  City officials not only chose not to pursue the drug charge, but also disregarded the detainer, releasing Lopez-Sanchez without notice.

The lack of cooperation was intentional.  San Francisco is one of about 150 so-called "sanctuary cities" that have policies instructing city employees not to notify federal officials about the presence of illegal immigrants living in their communities.
Legislation pending action in the Delaware State Senate seeks to establish such a policy in The First State.

Senate Bill 60, sponsored by Sen. Bryan Townsend, D -- Newark-Bear, would make it illegal for any Delaware law enforcement agency to "detain any individual solely on the basis of any immigration detainer or administrative immigration warrant."  

Termed the TRUST Initiative, the bill would further prevent Delaware authorities from "communicating an individual's release information or contact information, after the individual becomes eligible for release from custody."

The initiative specifies seven provisions that would make an illegal immigrant eligible to be freed from custody, including release from prison after the completion of a sentence or assignment to a rehab facility.

State Rep. Steve Smyk, R -- Milton-Lewes, a former Delaware State Police Trooper and a current member of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, is alarmed by the legislation.

"If I read this bill correctly, it would require that we release an illegal immigrant, who has committed a crime in this state and served his or her time in prison, while preventing us from alerting ICE that this person is eligible for deportation," Rep. Smyk said.  "So we're going to allow convicted felons to continue to break the law by residing in our state illegally?"

 Rep. Smyk added that the proposal would also be in direct violation of a 1996 federal law that requires local governments to cooperate with ICE.  

Disregarding that law has become a trend.  In addition to the previously cited sanctuary cities, the states of California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Illinois have also adopted policies to refuse ICE detainer requests.  On Tuesday, nine U.S. senators sent a joint letter to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, blasting her agency for refusing to confront sanctuary jurisdictions.

Supporters of the TRUST Initiative, which includes eight sponsors and co-sponsors, say it will help law enforcement by allowing undocumented residents to report crimes and act as witnesses without fear of deportation.

Proponents also say immigration detainers do not require a showing of probable cause and may violate protections against "unreasonable searches or seizures" provided under the state and U.S. constitutions.

Rep. Smyk says the bills' backers do not have the complete picture.

"Federal authorities typically don't issue an immigration detainer unless there is something more to the story," he said.  "Those details are not often shared with state and local police.

"This is not just about people crossing our southern border illegally," Rep. Smyk continued.  "There have been documented instances of individuals linked to ISIS trying to enter the country by jumping ship from freighters as they neared port.  Fortunately, those people were caught before they could lose themselves in the general population, but what if they had?  The only thing that might initially raise the red flag on these guys is they are here illegally.  In my opinion, the Trust Initiative will make our state less safe and simply serve to attract more people that have an interest in avoiding federal authorities."

Senate Bill 60 has already been released from committee and is eligible to be worked by the Senate when the 148th General Assembly resumes action in January.
Are you going to vote for a democrat in 2016?

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