Monday, July 20, 2015

So What Was The Point?

From CBS Baltimore

ODENTON, Md. (WJZ) — A sad turn for hundreds of chickens and roosters confiscated by Anne Arundel County police as part of an investigation into illegal cockfighting.
Derek Valcourt explains what’s happened to the birds and why.
Rescuers were hoping to find the birds new, happy homes. Sadly, all of them had to be euthanized.
In all, 270 roosters and hens were found alive on the Odenton property in early June–many tethered to leashes or found in cages. Some were just days old.
Police were led there by a tip that Ethan Harmon was breeding the birds to sell for use in illegal cockfights.
As seen in under cover video, that’s when two roosters fight to the death as spectators gamble on the winner.
Now, one month later, the Maryland Department of Agriculture orders all 270 of those birds destroyed after testing found all had two serious viruses and bacterial infections.
“Essentially, every one of those is highly infectious and contagious,” said Falls Road Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Danielle Anthony.
Dr. Anthony specializes in birds and agrees destroying the entire flock is the best way to contain these incurable viruses.

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