Thursday, July 16, 2015

Some Thursday Comments

My wife has a birthday tomorrow - way to old - but today a card came for her from Tim Dukes

This sign raises the age old question if you have an infinite number of rednecks with guns and an infinite number of signs  could you write all the great books of the world in braille ?

The "Doctor's Office" was painted this past week.  A lot of money has been dumped into this building and it is still a long way from being habitable.

Does anyone else think that standing on your toes is dumb?

The house across the street is coming along, they are doing a good job on it and it should blend in well with the houses on that side of the street.

My wife recently got another used van.  At least we have one vehicle  made in this century

so last night we went thru Delaware inspection which was a breeze. 

I have an old bathtub I have planted Iris in (and also weeds). I have been wondering why there was a circle in the center of it like a crop circle (aliens) or a creature sleeping in them.  So yesterday I found the above asleep in the iris.

The summer is made for fat cats and me.
I have a row of hydrangea planted in the front of the house.  There are several different kind and they look good and are doing good.  When I was selecting the flowers for landscaping after the house fire I just told Darren Reid landscaping out of Eden Maryland (443-735-4530)   to plant some hydrangea there and he did a good job of selections and apparently he planted them right as they are still growing.

We had difficult with our York Air conditioner last week.  A motor was shipped in and S. R. Pete had it fixed and back up.  The unit is about five years old so the motor was still under warranty but I am looking at a bill to install it.

Comcast -  again a war with Comcast.  We get so sick of calling problems in to them and getting some one in Asia or god knows where who semi speaks English.  They just can not fix their problems and the town charges me a franchise fee for them to have the right to serve us. Pisses me off .

Obama has once again proven himself a skillful negotiator - for the other side

Great selfies
A little over a week back we found out that the cause of all forms of racial unrest is fully the responsibility of a red, white and blue flag that flew over the capital of South Carolina.  Thanks heaven it has been removed and our nation's racial problems have gone away.  Bless our government.

So Black, Brown, and White are you going to vote for a Democrat in 2016

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