Sunday, July 05, 2015

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A few photos of Delmar Iowa - they actually kept their train station
Delmar town hall
Unlike Delmar which was named by the railroad for the two states of Delaware and Maryland.  Delmar Iowa is said to be a combination of the names of six ladies on the first train to arrive into the station, so yes it is train related.   When the train made it's first run it stopped at the new station and in keeping with the alphabetical order of stations coming from Clinton Iowa (the first three were; Almont, Bryan and Charlotte) the conductor wanted the station to begin with a "D".  There were six ladies on the train with the names Della, Emma, Laura, Marie, Anna and Rose.  Thusly "Delmar" became to name.
I found their town meeting minutes for June 2015 to be interesting

One of the things they do that Delmar De/MD dropped doing a number of years back is to show what bills were paid.  I dare say none of the elected officials see anything like this in our town.  They also seem to have their water problems and some complaints of excess corn dust. 

A couple things to thinks about;
If Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 election it will be the first time two presidents has had sex with each other

If humans could fly we would consider it exercise and never do it

Kids born in 2000 will never have to think about how old they are.

So Pucker up baby it is just going to get better

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