Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Food Establishment Inspection Reports In Delmar 2015

The Office Of Food protection in Delaware does routine inspections of businesses that serve food. From their website;

In Delaware, there are over 3,500 permitted food establishments that prepare and serve food to the public. Most of these are inspected twice a year using the State of Delaware Food Code, a science-based regulation similar to the national model from the US Food and Drug Administration. The inspections assure the food is being handled properly from preparation through serving. Inspectors observe kitchen worker's food handling practices, make sure equipment is working properly, take food temperatures, inspect refrigerators and storage areas, and measure water temperatures and sanitizer levels. If a problem is found, the manager is shown the correct procedure

I have listed below those Delmar food establishments inspected by the Office of Food Protection and listed on their website to date in 2015.  For any violation found a code is given as to what that violation is, however you will find the code explanation to be meaningless to you if you look it up.   It is nice to know that all violations listed below were corrected.

Delmar Jr-Sr High School Cafeteria Routine Inspection on 3/19/2015 no violations

Delmar Pizza routine inspection on 4/07/2015 no violations

Food Lion Routine inspection on 2/05/2015 violation 6-501.111 corrected on site

Milano's Pizzeria routine inspection on 02/19/2015 violations 8-201.11 and 4-703.11 corrected on site

Old Mill Restaurant routine inspection on 04/07/2015 violation 3-501.19 corrected on site

Peking Cheer/ New dragon Routine inspection 03/30/2015 Violations 4*502.11 and 5-205.15 both corrected on site

Taste of China complaint inspection on 01/08/2015 no violations
Taste of China routine inspection on 01/08/2015 no violations
Taste of China routine inspection 04/17/2015 no violations

Wawa routine inspection on 04/01/2015 Violation 4-502.11 corrected on site.

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