Sunday, August 16, 2015

Some Sunday Comments

Well actually they mostly have to do with Saturday.  When my daughter came home from work in Ocean City about 6:30 on Saturday morning she told me there was a dead body with a sheet over it on RT13 and State street.  Starts the day. 

Second Chance Baby Boutique appears to have moved from Bi-State Blvd to Laurel Junction Flea market.

I was breaking some boxes down from Amazon on Thursday for the recycle bin.  At times I think my daughter is a major customer of them as we must received at least two packages a week from them.  I think perhaps whereas Walmart has enough plastic shopping bags to cover the world now amazon is doing the same thing in cardboard boxes.  Certainly any ride thru an apartment complex will show them piled up around the dumpster.
I returned to the Wicomico County fair.  Promised I would not but I did.
I tell people who don't like what I post on this blog that no one forces them to look at it.  I should take my advice and apply it to the Wicomico Fair.
it has farm animals which is nice
it has a number of things for kids and adults to do.
but what drives me up the wall is class K adult art - I will be nice about it and say the best thing this year was there was not as many exhibits as in previous years, so you didn't have to look at the low quality for very long.

One item I am usually impressed with was the scrapbook display.  I usually like to look at them because there are usually one or two that are family trees.  This year was a scrapbook (didn't win a ribbon) devoted to a serviceman named William J. Daubert who died in Vietnam in 1969 entered by Wendy Lea Daubert.  It was a number of newspaper clipping etc, one item was the letter from President Nixon expressing sorrow about Daubert's death. 

As someone from that era my mind has wandered back to that time when 58,000 service people gave their lives for what? 

It is no better today - you know Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the whole middle east isn't going to change with us being there.  if anything we just piss off those people even more. 
and of course the politicians were there or at least their signs.
Politicians and war nothing changes.

The house being built across the street is coming along.  They did stone work on the front and around the porch this weekend.  I am waiting to see what the front steps will look like. 

The ice cream truck was in the neighborhood yesterday one of their songs played is "Waltzing Matilda " no doubt the national anthem of Australia.  Again, if you are of my age it makes you think of a 1959 film called "On the Beach" No, not a beach movie of the 1960's with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello  time period, nor even Foster's beer, but after a couple of those oil cans size beers I have sang "Waltzing Matilda" followed by "Elvira".

This is based on the book  by Nevil Shute, depicting a nuclear war and it's aftermath.

Nevil Shute has written many, many books and a few of then I have read and I find them to be enjoyable.  They do reflect the outlook of the time so today they are not Politically Correct.  Another book called "A Town like Alice " also good and was made into a 1981 BBC mini-series on PBS masterpiece theater.  Like most movies the books have more in them then the movies so watching and reading both gives you an interesting comparison. 

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