Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Tuesday Morning Walk

I took my morning walk about 6 AM and no I did not see anything that looked like the above or I would still be walking.  Delmar is dead at 6 AM.  Nothing to talk about from the walk so I will just have to make a rambling post out of this.

I have received both my Sussex county Tax bill and my Town of Delmar tax bill
The Town of Delmar tax bill increased of course due to the tax rate increasing which was in part due to the town elected people deciding they would make a donation to the Fire department and the Library.  Since I have no choice but to pay the taxes it amounts to an involuntary donation on my part.

The Sussex county tax bill even after the 50% school tax reduction old people receive in Sussex County was still 84% school tax.  Ridiculous, it really is.  The non-taxpayer supporter people in Sussex county have got to get off their ass and stop these school tax increases by voting against the referendums the tax payers supporter people are putting thru. .
There is some construction going on opposite town hall today.  I think they have more flaggers out then people working on the curb construction. 
Even in the summer time those first rays of sunshine in the morning is the greatest thing for a cat .

Phish, a band in the tradition of the Grateful Dead, played at Merriweather post pavilion Sunday night.  As is usual with this band the Phish heads/phans were arrested in mass due to drugs.  Various people were arrested for selling balloons of nitrous oxide to inhale and get high on.  When ever the local law enforcement groups hear this band is coming they add on officers etc.  My daughter works in Howard county as a Maryland Judicial District Commissioner and she was saying how many people they added for the night and still was not enough to handle all of those arrested. These bands may bring in money but the tax payers still have to pay for all the problems they create. 

Most of the arrested people are from New York and New England.  Obviously they must follow the band plying their drug trade.  In Maryland they have a court appointed attorney that is available at the District Court bail hearing should you want or need one.  I understand all the out of state people arrested made use of the court appointed attorney. Again adding to the cost that will be billed to the Maryland tax payer.  Since Maryland has a law in which drug possession below a certain quantity limit is just a citation instead of an arrest you can assume there was a whole lot more drug activity that doesn't show up in the newspapers.

Over at the blog/website The Chesapeake Today  http://www.the-chesapeake.com/2015/08/08/black-slave-owners-cops-bust-up-another-slavery-and-prostitution-ring-in-maryland/
They discuss the number of Black slave Owners in this modern world.  since a few of them were from Delmar and Princess Anne the towns are mentioned a lot. 

and scientist still have not figured out the obvious answer is aliens

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