Thursday, August 20, 2015

Waiting On Norfolk Southern

My wife and I went across the bay yesterday and did not get back to Delmar until 10:30.  Actually on returning we got as far as the VFW and stopped in a traffic backup on West State Street.  My first thought was the Chris Mills building had finally collapsed and was blocking State Street, but no it turned out it was Norfolk Southern forming a train.  So we sit in the car as the train went back and forth shuttling freight cars from, I assume, the sidetrack by Mason Dixon park.  Vehicles in our backup were in a panic and tried to cut down side streets to get around the train but I had assumed the other crossing were blocked also.  Finally at 10:50 the trains moved on.  Now we had been there for twenty minutes and I am sure for the backup to be at the VFW when we arrived the train must have been shuttling cars for five or ten minutes before that.  It is more than an annoyance when this goes on for more than ten minutes.  If there had been an emergency the emergency would have had to have been handled by a service on the west side of Delmar as I don't think our town services (all on the East side of the Track) could have found a way around the blocked intersections.  At least it was at night and not during the day time when there would have been more traffic.

It still is not as bad as in Harrington.  The rail line splits the town in half in that town and if you go to lunch on the opposite side of the tracks from where you work you may be late getting back to work.  I have sit in backed up traffic for almost an hour as Norfolk Southern shuttled cars back and forth at Lunch time.


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